Kumkum Bhagya 11 June 2019 Written Update – Abhi Blames Prachi for Pushing Rhea

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 11 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Aryan looking through Rhea and figures where did she go alone. He inquires as to whether she saw Rhea. Deepika says don’t you know? She tumbled down from the bluff. Other companion tells that they heard that Prachi pushed her. Deepika says Shahana said that Prachi is being caught. Aryan figures Rhea must be fine and having a ton of fun someplace.

Rhea gets his call. She supposes not to pick the call, yet the call gets dismissed unintentionally. Aryan figures Rhea did this to get consideration. He supposes to advise Ranbir that the present date is dropped. He calls him, however, the call isn’t associated. He supposes to go to red bluff and let him know. Abhi calls Rhea. Rhea feels upbeat seeing 250 missed calls. She supposes I can’t pick the call as I am oblivious. Pragya achieves the camp. Abhi additionally achieves the camp with Vikram.

Kumkum Bhagya 11 June 2019

Abhi gets some information about Rhea. They tell that they are looking. Pragya comes to Prachi and embraces her. Prachi asks did they advise you? Pragya says no. Central tells that they didn’t illuminate Police or you as we don’t need anybody’s future to get demolished. He demonstrates the pics clicked by Dimpy and says on the off chance that she is demonstrated liable, at that point will be rebuffed.

Pragya inquires as to whether she battled with her. Prachi says she battled with me and pushed me. Important asks her not to contend. Somebody comes and says Rhea’s dad went to the precipice. Rhea calls Dimpy. Dimpy and Shaina come up with rationalization and go. Rhea tells that on the off chance that somebody locates her, at that point, she will go about as hurt and will apply the sand or something.

Shaina comes and tells Rhea accessible if the need arises that her father traveled every which way to the precipice. Rhea supposes he should feel remorseful. Abhi goes to the bluff and looks for Rhea. He reveals to Vikram that she is his reality and he won’t let anything happen to her. Vikram says we will get her. Abhi says I am disturbed and not furious with her, she came to express bye to me, however, I didn’t converse with her.

Kumkum Bhagya 11 June 2019

He requests that he let him go close to the bluff. Vikram stops him and says we will discover her, dislike the manner in which you are stating. Pragya asks Prachi what had occurred? Prachi says I didn’t do anything. Shahana says Rhea battled with her. Pragya says you are stuck in an unfortunate situation and says in the event that Rhea isn’t discovered, at that point Police will be called.

Prachi says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea why they are accusing her. Pragya requests that she determine what to do. Shahana thinks Dimpy and Rhea have completed an intrigue. She goes from that point. Shaina says Dimpy did best, everything is imagining that Shaina went there for nature photography. Rhea reveals to them that she will go about as she is fortunate to endure. Shahana hears them giggling. Dimpy goes about as conversing with her mum and finishes the call. Shahana inquires as to why they were snickering. They tell that they acted ordinary while conversing with her mom.

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