Kumkum Bhagya 10 October 2019 Written Update – Pragya Upset With Abhi

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The Episode begins with Abhi inquiring as to whether he is downright awful. Pragya gestures no and says you are not terrible, yet your choices and musings about them are incorrect. Abhi says it doesn’t care for that, yet now and then it occurs. He says however not this time. Pragya says I need to go. Abhi says on the off chance that it is a higher priority than me.

Pragya says today it is significant. Abhi approaches her to sit tight for at some point and converse with him. Pragya says not today and reviews their contention. Abhi says when, and says I will be occupied next time and inquires as to why she is difficult? Pragya says I have to head off to someplace direly and has real reason. Disha comes there in the vehicle. Pragya sees her. She sits in the vehicle and leaves. Abhi looks on and says she has the mentality, she didn’t converse with me, please. He figures I shouldn’t have returned, everybody is imperative to her aside from me.

Kumkum Bhagya 10 October 2019

Pragya and Disha go to the emergency clinic. Examiner tells that Rishi is inside and Doctor is checking him. Pragya arrives at the lodge, while Inspector stops her. Disha asks him not to stop her. Pragya gets some information about Rishi. Rishi says he is fine. The specialist discloses to her that he has no inward draining and is fine.

Rishi discloses to Pragya that he contemplated Priyanka’s chacha response and tells that he is directed at his place and trusting Priyanka like you are confiding in me. Pragya says Priyanka’s Chacha will get her. Rishi says for what reason will he get you, he is nothing to you. Pragya is going to tell about their connection, however, disha stops her. Pragya guarantees Rishi that he will be bail by tomorrow. An investigator comes inside and takes the tablets.

Abhi returns home. Vikram attempts to converse with him. Abhi says I will converse with you tomorrow and goes to his room. He meets Priyanka in transit. Priyanka discloses to him that she has concealed the imprints with makeup. Abhi asks her not to apply to make up tomorrow and accompany him for distinguishing proof. Priyanka acts to be terrified. Abhi says I will be with you, you simply distinguish Rishi then he will be rebuffed. Priyanka thanks and embraces him. Abhi goes.

Priyanka thinks to hold the state of reclaiming the situation when they break his roka with Shahana and fixes her (Priyanka’s) marriage with him. Sarita behen calls Rishi, however, his number is off. She at that point calls Pragya and gets some information about them? Pragya says they had completed supper and Rishi went to play cricket coordinate. She says she will remain at a companion’s place in the night and will come in the first part of the day. Sarita behen says alright and parts of the bargains.

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