Kumkum Bhagya 10 May 2019 Written Update – Abhi Saves Pragya

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 10 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Rhea asking Pragya to quiet down and not to take the pressure. Pragya requests that she push the entryway. Rhea attempts to push and inquires as to whether there is any stool. Pragya says there is a stair. Rhea requests that she jump on the stairs and endeavor to leave the above window. Pragya says I couldn’t achieve it.

Prachi comes there and asks Rhea what she is doing here? Rhea says your mum is stuck inside. Prachi asks did you accomplish something? Rhea says I have an issue with you and not with your mom. She helped me so often. Pragya requests that they open the entryway. Ranbir comes there. Rhea says Prachi’s mum is inside. Ranbir inquires as to whether I will get something on the off chance that I break the entryway.

Rhea says alright, whatever you state. Prachi requests that he open the entryway. Ranbir asks her not to converse with him. He attempts to break the entryway and gets his foot tormented. He supposes it involves his notoriety and he needs to inspire Rhea. He endeavors to open the entryway and gets his hand tormented. He runs out.

Kumkum Bhagya 10 May 2019

Rhea reveals to Prachi that they need to accomplish something. Ranbir breaks the glass window and bounces inside the kitchen. Prachi and Rhea inquire as to whether Ranbir came inside. He presents himself as Ranbir Kohli. Pragya says kitchen entryway isn’t opening, and my breath is stuck and you are talking. Does he inquire as to for what reason would you say you are reprimanding like an instructor? Pragya says I am an instructor. Ranbir says Prachi and I go to a similar school. Pragya asks how the entryway will be opened.

Ranbir says I will take you through the window. Pragya says it is exceptionally above, I can’t move up and asks do you don’t discover the distinction between our age. Ranbir tells the young ladies that he will spare Prachi’s mum. He endeavors to break the entryway. Pragya says I have claustrophobia and says the more he is talking, she is getting choked. He inquires as to for what reason don’t you offer exhortation to her to talk less. He says I am Prachi and Rhea’s school companion and you can confide in me. Pragya attempts to open the entryway.

Rhea thinks to call her father and looks for Abhi. She sees Vikram and ponders where to look for Dad. She sees Abhi and runs. Abhi stops her and where is she going? She says she is feeling choked. Abhi says we will go out. Rhea discloses to him that Prachi’s mum is stuck in the kitchen and she has claustrophobia. She says the entryway is stuck. Abhi goes to support her.

Kumkum Bhagya 10 May 2019

The material close to the stove bursts into flames. Pragya asks Ranbir to go from where he came. Ranbir requests that she unwind and take full breaths. Pragya hacks. Prachi requests that her beverage water. They discover the smoke and sees the fire. Ranbir endeavors to blow it. He says when I shopped here, the lamp oil tumbled down. Abhi comes and attempts to open the entryway. Rhea asks Pragya not to stress and tells that her father is solid. Ranbir supposes he will kick the bucket with suffocation without having even one sweetheart.

He supposes to leave and supposes he will not leave like a quitter. He reveals to Pragya that he won’t abandon her. Abhi endeavors to break the entryway and supposes it is stuck seriously. Prachi says Maa has claustrophobia. Abhi goes to bring a screwdriver. Vikram calls woodworker, yet his number is inaccessible. They see smoke turning out. Rhea requests that they spread their mouths.

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