Kumkum Bhagya 1 May 2019 Written Update – Comes To Know About Abhi Being Rhea’s Father

Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 1 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Pragya supposing for what reason will I go? I will follow meeting my little girl. Simply then Dadi slips. Bahadur keeps running back to Dadi. Vikram and Abhi tastes the nourishment made by Pragya thinking Sarita behen made it. Vikram inquires as to whether she can do this request. Sarita behen says yes. Vikram says he will give 700 for every plate. Abhi says 800 Rs. Sarita behen are astounded and says you will have the delectable nourishment. Abhi says I have a condition and says he needs to get espresso which you made me drink toward the beginning of the day. Sarita behen feels that espresso was made by Pragya and says will I make channel espresso.

Vikram says you are a specialist and requests that her make two espressos made his companion Deewana. Sarita behen says alright and takes her telephone. Dadi says my Pragya has come. Sarita behen calls Pragya and tells that she got a major request of 500 individuals for 700 rs each plate. She says she will get her request on the off chance that you make espresso which you made in the first part of the day. She says Rhea’s dad came and the request is for Mehra family. Pragya requests Rhea’s dad name. Sarita behen says Abhishek Mehra.

Dadi opens the entryway and turns out. Pragya says I am coming there and runs out. She sits in taxi. Dadi turns out and sees the taxi departing. She waves her hand calling Pragya. She says Pragya is gone. Vikram says Sarita behen is taking so much time and says gives up. Abhi says uncommon espresso requires some serious energy. Vikram says on the off chance that the espresso isn’t scrumptious, at that point I won’t come to the office for 3 days and you need to deal with the work. He says on the off chance that I like, at that point you can kiss her hand. Abhi says he will like he used to. Vikram asks what? Sarita been figured what to do, will I reveal to them that Pragya made the espresso, and supposes she won’t get this request nor any request. She supposes to concoct rationalization that milk sours and she will get milk from market.

Abhi says I will check and is going to go to the kitchen. Sarita behen turns out and tells that milk is soured, might be because of sweltering climate. She says I need to get milk from outside, yet you should not have time. Abhi says we won’t leave without drinking espresso. Prachi comes there and welcomes them. Abhi says he turned out to be energetic seeing her and asks Prachi to bring milk. Prachi inquires as to why? Abhi says for Sarita behen’s espresso. Prachi says I will bring milk. Pragya gets back home. Prachi says Rhea’s dad came to meet Sarita behen and advises that she is going to purchase milk. Abhi peeps out of entryway, yet doesn’t see Pragya. Pragya solicits driver to keep the change from 2000. She at that point thinks what to do, and requests that driver give 1800 Rs. He says he doesn’t have change.

Vikram gets call and says he is drinking espresso and will reach in 5 mins. Abhi asks Sarita behen to get espresso night and reveals to Vikram that they will sit tight for 5 additional mins. Pragya takes the change from the driver. Abhi and Vikram leave the house and sit in the vehicle. Pragya takes a seat to pick her fallen notes. Abhi gets down from the vehicle and sits once more. Pragya goes inside the house. Sarita behen says she isn’t getting pen now. Pragya asks where is Rhea’s Papa. Sarita behen says he proceeded to state he sat tight for espresso so much, yet he went for some work. Prachi brings water and asks where is Sir? Sarita behen says he proceeded to request that her keep milk in the refrigerator. Pragya thinks Abhi spared his little girl without thinking about her, and little girl contacted her dad.

Vikram asks Abhi to stop the vehicle and says I will drive. Abhi says I was exhausted, and requests that he drive. Vikram sits on the driver’s seat and says cycle fellow was overwhelming the vehicle. He says you are longing for the espresso and edgy for it. It appears as though I have ceased your gathering with sweetheart and acting like a child. Abhi asks him to U turn and says we neglected to offer development to Sarita behen. Vikram says Pallavi will reprove me and I don’t have money.

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