Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 July 2019 Written Update: Amyra Insults Kulfi

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kulfi tells entire class her dad is sikander Singh Gill, and says Amyra is my younger sibling and I cherish her, Amyra asks and how is he your father, similar to my mother is Lovely his significant other, where is your mom, she didn’t wed my dad, so you realize right what I’m stating, Kulfi says my mother disclosed to me she married sikander, amyra says there are no shreds of evidence, class begins tattling about kulfi and call her filthy young lady.

Mohendar chides flawless and gunjan, Lovely says bhabhi you shouldn’t have done this to amyra, Mohendar says we need to consider young ladies future, and remember Sikander shouldn’t find out about this. Amyra in lift continues prodding kulfi, and says go protest to your baba that I protected you. Sikander calls amyra and kulfi close and sees kulfi crying and inquires as to for what reason are you crying.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 July 2019

Kulfi says I tumbled down, sikander asks what, sikander looks like at amyra and makes sense of amyra has fouled up and asks both of you battled, sikander embraces Kulfi, and says all will be fine and calls amyra close as well and says both of you spruce up we have dispatch today go. Amyra supposes I won’t permit kulfi to be sikander Singh’s little girl nor my sister.

Sikander gets a call from school advising about the episode, sikander calls amyra and reprimands her, flawless asks what’s going on, Kulfi and Mohendar pursue stunning, sikander says I figured my children don’t love me fine, yet she mortified entire family in front of the school and advises the occurrence to dazzling.

Sikander says this is the thing that I have shown you amyra who revealed to you this word, Mohendar says quietly down, sikander says I’m taken a stab at clarifying her things, what great she did by offending her and who showed all of you this, amyra says I gained from you, sikander says Amyra quit crossing every one of the breaking points, amyra says what will you do.

I can converse with you in any case you aren’t my father, as regular talking kulfis sides. Exquisite attempts to quiet sikander, sikander says what is it, I get it Lovely it’s my deficiency yet why inconvenience kulfi and that is not what amyra will be permitted to, and if amyra continues doing it I should support kulfi, enough of Amyras show, and kulfi for what reason didn’t you let me know.

Kulfi embraces Sikander. Mia is educated about kulfi and Amyras show, by Sudha Mia’s companion who instructs in school. Tia’s little girl strolls to her with her father Vikram, Mia says you are late, vikram says you won the guardianship so doesn’t mean you generally time me for my girl and come we should observe I’m propelling new team, sikanders girls.

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