Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 April 2019 Written Update – Sikander asks Amyra

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 8 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Brutal tells kids without your lead vocalist you can’t proceed, amyra begins chuckling, kids strat examining among themselves, amyra says she got terrified of me, Kulfi strolls showd amyra her face and returns her veil and says I’m not frightened of you, simply get apprehensive now and again, amyra says kulfi, Kulfi says I made a group long back with somebody however she broke it, I won’t leave this group of mine, Mia sees the pressure between them, Kulfi says we aren’t here to put somebody down yet win the show, Mia says job me in and says folks it’s the ideal opportunity for our shock, and it is just gathering of people will choose who will win the thump out so crowd win for your most loved star.

Gathering of people cast a ballot, cruel is given the outcomes, amyra scores 9, unforgiving says so benam bunch has scored a 9 on 10, its a tie thus both go to fortunate 10 round. Amyra gets furious, Mia says she is my scalawag, I see contrasts between them, which will give me enormous TRP. Sikander and beautiful sitting tight for amyra, amyra exits stressed, thinking to consider the possibility that Kulfi goes to father, I need to repel her from father, sikander asks Amyra what’s up, Kulfi watching them. Mia gets in the gathering of people, begins reporting the best 10, sikander glad to hear Amyras name, Kulfi taking a gander at amyra and Sikander recalls how sikander treated her, benam bunch gets chose.

Amyra sees Sikander taking a gander at benam gathering, amyra supposes I need to discover did father get her here. Mia declares the first round will be established singing, amyra gets terrified, sikander says I’m here don’t be frightened, Mia says preparing will be taken in Gurukul plans have been accomplished for children from different urban areas, and others can come each morning, amyra says my father is my master, Mia asks falan to continue recording Sikander and Amyra as they are superstars. Mia says the individuals who have instructors no issues, however, the individuals who don’t Gurukul will support you. Kulfi supposes I have constantly accepted Baba as master what will I do now.

Mohendar looking for kulfi, gets call from Sikander, Mohendar gets some information about Amyris tryout, Sikander says she is in top 10, Mohendar says praise for my benefit, sikander says I believed I ought to have taken Kulfi with me there, she would love it, is she fine, Mohendar says she is I’m out will call you later, Mohendar says to what extent will I lie to him. Kulfi and companions go to music room, Kulfis companion learn she is prepared in music, kulfi says yes my baba educated me,all cheer kulfi with jokes, amyra gets irate taking a gander at them,girls are demonstrated to them their room, Kulfi supposes you had enhanced such excellent space for me, but that house or my room isn’t mine any longer, vaishali asks kulfi to brighten up, and have chocolates kulfi and Vaishali have given garments by Mia.

Vaishali goes to change, amyra pulls chocolate from kulfis hand, Mia sees them, amyra begins reproving kulfi and for what reason is she here and what’s her adage, Kulfi says you sang so well, amyra says in light of the fact that I have my father, for what reason are you here, Kulfi says I came here with my companions, amyra says liar Kulfi, amyra says I will show you out of wherever this room, Gurukul, and rivalry, Mia says broadcast the battle yet not her name and face.

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