Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5 April 2019 Written Update – Pandit Argues with Mia

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 5 April 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Children are gotten for thump out round, Sikander says Amyra all the best and don’t be frightened, amyra says I will envision you are with me and all will be fine, amyra leaves. Pandit contends with Mia for playing with scores, Mia says I didn’t it’s crowded choice, pandit says music is my life and this is only a show for you, Mia says sir we both have our employment so how about we do it, pandit says I can’t leave this show however I won’t enable this gathering to proceed.

Children are isolated in gatherings, Mia addresses children and welcome them in thump out round, we will choose 10 competitors in this round, Kulfi and companions get frightened, rocket says don’t free expectation, Mia says you should thump out the candidate with you, and hues will choose who you will battle with, comparable hues will fight. Flawless asks god this show is essential for my infant, if you don’t mind let her success this show, amyra and kulfi pick the green ball.

Mia considering Panditji and says kids there’s amazement for you which I will let you know at last. Unforgiving picks green shading, Amyra and kulfi jump on the stage yet are isolated by a drapery, the challenge starts, Kulfi considers Sikander and begins singing, sikanders TV goes off. Amyra thinks this sounds like kulfis voice, yet how might she be here, amyra begins singing, the drapery goes up on Mia’s guidance, Kulfi sees Amyra, Mia says these two are great.

Companions ask Kulfi to sing, Kulfi begins singing, amyra proceeds after kulfi, unforgiving strolls in, Kulfi leaves, brutal asks where’s your lead artist, Kulfi runs aside and begins crying, she recollects every one of the allegations amyra has made.

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