Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3 July 2019 Written Update – Amyra Says my Problem

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kulfi sees Amyra upset, amyra thinking everybody considers him my father yet he isn’t, he is nothing to me, Kulfi strolls to amyra and says I realize you are vexed, yet I cherish you,amyra says I constantly agitated you for what reason do you adore me, Kulfi says in light of the fact that you are my sister, amyra says no idiotic I’m not your sister, these enormous individuals trick us, and leaves.

Sikander visits Pakhi and Nandinis house, a man opens the entryway, sikander says I’m grieved, I’m here to see Nandini and Pakhi, Nandini says Bhola, I’m sorry sikander, meet Adarsh my better half pakhis father, Adarsh says Nandini revealed to me entire story, I’m back for Pakhi, it would be ideal if you come in, sikander says no way, I’m only here to say thanks to Nandini and Pakhi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 3 July 2019

May I please observe pakhi, Nandini says she isn’t home, Pakhi covering up, sikander says here’s blessing for Pakhi, it would be ideal if you give her my affection and favors and leaves.adarsh says we have to talk. Amyra goes to kulfis room sees Tevars picture, and breaks it, she tears the image into pieces, Kulfi strolling into her room, Bebe calls her and says here’s your new dress for your birthday, your baba got you this, amyra sees it and feels envious.

Kulfis birthday party, kulfis companions arrive, Mohendar acquaints them with Bebe. Sikander exits with amyra and kulfi, Kulfi energized, Kulfi sees her companions and hurries to them, all desire her glad birthday. Bansi says you looking so lovely, Zinda says you at long last living the day you imagined for, Kulfi says it resembles a fantasy, rocket says it’s not, you buckled down during the current day.

Sikander gets enthusiastic and says kulfi you sat tight 8 long a long time during the current day, Bebe says everything is great see we are on the whole together, sikander says these are presents for your each birthday till now, Kulfi energized and opens each present.

Sikander presents her Payal, harmonium, a sack, amyra says what all is this, will be this a birthday or a joke, for what reason didn’t you give her enormous doll house, you gave me such a large number of huge things on my birthday and what all is this, and for what reason are you covering up such a huge thing, everybody realizes she is your girl, and leaves.

Sikander sings for amyra, amyra leaving, flawless stops her. Kulfis birthday cake arrives, sikander says wish before you blow candles, Kulfi says I got what I needed, Kulfi says it’s such beautiful cake I don’t have a craving for cutting, Lovely grins and says cmon, Kulfi gives everybody cake and strolls to amyra, amyra applies cake on kulfis face, sikander inquires as to for what reason did you do this, amyra holds kulfis face and pushes it in cake, sikander reprimands amyra and pushes her, sikander quiets himself and strolls to amyra, amyra says remain away, I’m not your princess.

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