Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20 June 2019 Written Update – Bhola sings calling Kulfi

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chandan says exquisite is correct, Kulfi needs practices she should go music camp and I will drop her, Kulfi thinks god in the event that he sees baba there. Chandan and kulfi in music class. Chandan says kulfi meet him he is uncle Bunty my companion never disregard him, Chandan says listen Pakya I’m certain sikander is here so watch out for her and leaves, Kulfi thinks god he is the person who is here to execute baba, Kulfi sees Sikander and says Bunty for what reason are you here, he says to watch out for you.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20 June 2019

Bhola sees kulfi and strolls to her, Kulfi flees, bhola says how might she run seeing me and pursues her, Bunty following kulfi as well, bhola tailing them. Bunty enters women washroom with Kulfi and gets beaten. CBI comes to see Chandan, says sir we have to converse with you about your mishap, the hoodlum Chandan with you during mishap is feeling the loss of his body is missing as well, you have dependably helped us, so please accompany us give your fingerprints.

Pakhi asks Nandini to get Bhola rapidly she misses him. Nandini says trouble maker and goes in. Pakhi says yes father, Nandini runs out and asks where he is, Pakhi says see even you missing him as I do, Nandini says yes I do however the camp is significant for him. Stunning says as a result of you individuals my significant other is in injury what else you want, and next opportunity arrives with court request or else don’t and makes them leave, Chandan inquires as to for what reason did you do that.

Lovely says let me reveal to you one thing I loathe sikander, he had messed my life, I was gathering data since I needed to affirm sikander is dead, he and is Kulfi had even damaged my amyra, I feel so free since he is gone,you likewise feel free here, I won’t let out the slightest peep yet remember one thing keep my amyra glad don’t hurt her, Chandan says I won’t on the grounds that I like amyra, Lovely says great and leaves.

Chandan says if what Lovely says I genuine I don’t have to fear. Bunty is reproved and requested to leave the school, Kulfi thanks god, kids begin examining about observing sikander in school, the see Bhola, kids says by looks he is sikander, however, conduct he isn’t, how about we check, and go converse with bhola, bhola says later have you seen Kulfi, kids ask who are you, he says Bhola, kids ridicule him. Kulfi blows up and chides them.

Beautiful gets the call and ask how was my going about as CBI specialist, stunning says generally excellent, yet I will talk later. Exquisite says Chandan you need to be lowlife yet I’m the greatest one is here, I’m the reprobate now, I will assemble information about you, and kulfi will watch my sikander. Children leave seeing Guruji on the round. Bhola says for what reason do dependably tail me, Kulfi says I will, both get in contention, Kulfi says nobody can leave this camp, Bhola says I will flee, Kulfi says 10 days and you will recollect you are kulfis father.

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