Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update – Kulfi Celebrating her Birthday

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2 July 2019 Written Episode Update on starsofworld.com

Beautiful asks Sikander where is amyra, sikander says we will locate her, dazzling frenzies, Kulfi goes to god, Amyra strolls in crying. Sikander hurries to her, amyra pushes her and embraces flawless. Sikander strolls to her and says Amyra princess are you okay, I was kicking the bucket to see you, and portrays her the story, and says now nobody will isolate us, father has returned to you.

gunjan asks how could you return amyra, amyra says my father didn’t come to discover me so I stopped by my own, he in any case enjoys kulfi more than me, I would not like to give him any weight. Sikander says why state this, I’m seeing you after so long, I was searching for you all over the place, I adore you my princess, and kulfi was looking for you, she is your sister, we broke when we didn’t see you, nobody can break us now.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2 July 2019

Amyra has Tevars photograph in her grasp. (Masterji gets Amyra, he says how about we go to sikander, amyra says I would prefer not to go to him, my father said Kulfi is essential to him than me,I suspected my father is ideal, he adores me more, he discovered Kulfi and back to him, for what reason doesn’t he cherish me, masterji says on the grounds that you are beautiful and Tevars little girl). Amyra thinks my father is Tevar and this is the reason he doesn’t love me and adores Kulfi more.

Sikander and kulfi together, sikander says I’m sorry nimrat, I made her untruth, Kulfi says however we did it for good purpose for amyra,sikander says now no evilness can inconvenience my Kulfi, in light of the fact that she has her baba with her, you are upbeat right nimrat, star sparkles. Amyra sees Sikander and kulfi together and feels awful.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 2 July 2019

Sikander says you are same like nimrat however you are somewhat similar to me as well, similar to your hair, your grin resembles me, Kulfi says then for what reason didn’t you remember me first, sikander says on the grounds that you were Kulfa Singh not kulfi, kulfi says yet you lost, I immediately comprehended that man isn’t you,sikander asks how, Kulfi says he never crease like you and once he embraced me, he didn’t smell like you. Sikander grins, and says nimi I will tell entire world that kulfi is mine.

Beautiful strolls to Sikander and kulfi, and takes Kulfi on her laps, and embraces her, and says you are currently kulfi sikander Singh Gill, Kulfi grins and embraces her, sikander begins crying. Amyra feels terrible. Mohendar calls everybody says Bebe is home, all hurry to Bebe.

Bebe embraces Kulfi and is exceptionally upbeat, says Amyra is fine and kulfi is back. Bebe asks kulfi when is her birthday, Kulfi says I was child when I was conceived, so I don’t have the foggiest idea, here I saw that everybody praises this day, sikander says I realize when is her birthday, Amyra standing aside alone. Sikander says today we will praise her birthday since today I have my little girl back.

Amyra asks was my birthday genuine or are we simply celebrating haphazardly, sikander says what’s going on, we were all with you when you were conceived, amyra blows up and leaves, Sikander following her, dazzling stops him, and says I know her, she is confronting her dread, we have to give her Time, and she needs to get she and kulfi have equivalent places in this house now.

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