Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19 June 2019 Written Update – Kids to Save Sikandar by sending

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Rocket saw Chandan’s compromising towards the family. The goon came to Bhola to murder him. Kulfi sang a tune and argued to him. She passed the message to him by means of her tune with the goal that he can comprehend that Sikandar otherwise known as Bhola was in peril.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 19 June 2019

Stunning attempted to get the significance from Kulfi’s tune. Rocket comprehended what Kulfi intended to state. Rocket needed to spare Sikandar’s life. Kulfi left everything on destiny. Chandan anticipated a call from his goon. Rocket took help from his companions to spare Sikandar. The children attempted to caution Bhola about the hoodlum in the house.

The goons fled while Sikandar got alert. Chandan got incensed to discover that Sikandar wasn’t dead. Dazzling conceded that Kulfi was directly about Chandan and that Sikandar disappeared. She looked for Kulfi’s assistance to spare Amyra from Chandan. Kulfi requested that Lovely not freeze.

She requested that Lovely battle back. Kulfi uncovered reality to Lovely that Sikandar was alive and Chandan wanted to slaughter him. Exquisite was in stun that Kulfi at long last discovered her dad. Kulfi sent her companions to spare SIkandar.

She gives her a telephone number to interface with Rocket. Rocket discloses to Kulfi that they have spared Sikandar together. Kulfi is thankful to her remand home companions. Exquisite offers them help to spare Sikandar. She requests that the children spare Sikandar by sending him to the safe spot like the music camp.

Kulfi needs to help Sikandar by her earned cash. Kulfi requests that Rocket move Sikandar to the camp soon. Flawless asks Kulfi for what good reason wasn’t Sikandar securing himself, for what reason isn’t he returning home to the family. Kulfi uncovered the greater stun of Sikandar’s memory misfortune.

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