Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Sikander Is Kidnapper?

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Fateh asks Kulfi not to go out and call for assistance or his hijacker will execute him, Kulfi stunned and says let me go educate everybody they will support you, Fateh says I needn’t bother with your assistance simply go or else he will murder me, Kulfi shuts the entryway and exits, she is considering Fateh while she exits.

She considers telling Yusuf, yet he gets a call and he leaves, kulfi considers Fateh he has sworn her on him, Kulfi goes to Raju to let him know yet he leaves, Kulfi tells shanta tai, young men state its her trick don’t get bulldozed. Kulfi returns to Fateh and says I will support you, don’t be terrified, we as a whole chawl individual will support you, and starts loosening him and gives Fateh certainty, Fateh gets up, Kulfi says remain here I will get cover for you.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16 October 2019

Kulfi returns and sees Fateh missing and goes back to godown and sees hijacker with Fateh, Kulfi hears ruffians voice and is stunned to hear it seems like Sikander. Sikander dangers Fateh by a stick and says I let you know not to get away, for what reason did you go out, Fateh says im sorry I wont rehash, Kulfi recalls every one of the exercises Sikander has educated and doesn’t trust her eyes.

Fateh continues asking and says I haven’t done it intentionally, Sikander says next time when you consider getting away think about your folks lives, your mom goes to sanctuary at 8am, to petition God for you and afterward your folks meet at police headquarters and after that your dad goes to office and your mom to your aunties and later the two of them are distant from everyone else, thus on the off chance that you do anything without wanting to free your lives.

Kulfi hears the children name is Fateh Gazdar and says god he is Jimmys child. Fateh says leave me father he has sat idle, Sikander says he has done nothing you think, and raises his bat, kulfi yells in stun. Sikander sees Kulfi and leaves his bat, Fateh says sir leave her sir, hurt me however don’t hurt her please sir, Sikander ties him and locks the entryway. Kulfi taking a gander at him and says baba, Sikander stops her, Sikander strolls kulfi out of the product house and shuts the entryway.

Sikander separates and says I know kulfi you will never pardon me, Sikander wears his cover, Kulfi sits in disarray considering what she saw, Sikander strolls in chawl, Kulfi tails him and ass why you doing this, Amyra asks where were both of you, Kulfi says Amyra go out, Amyra inquires as to why me, Kulfi says since I asked you to, Amyra leaves. Kulfi asks Sikander what was all that she saw, for what reason were you hitting Fateh

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