Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 May 2019 Written Update – Kulfis Suspiciousness Grows

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kulfi strolls to Sikander with her companions, Kulfi says you realize them right, they are here to see you, sikander grins and calls them by their names, sikander says I met you today after your triumph, Kulfi says they are here to see your music room, sikander says OK however I got one hour after that I need to go with amyra. Kulfi says I will get books for you.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 May 2019

Rocket says to Sikander they would love to hear him sing and feel awful for sikander, sikander says what to do predetermination however I’m alive that is great, chittu says we should play an instrument together, Sikander says I haven’t drilled so all of you play, Saraswati says we will play you go along with us and starts, sikander unfit to play instrument, Kulfi sees that and her doubts develop, she says my dad can overlook everything except for not music.

Sikanderbasks how could I play, kids state generally amazing nobody can play like you and applaud him.sikander says don’t ridicule me, I realize I played extremely terrible, rocket says no sikander, sikander says I’m overlooking everything atleast somebody get me, mishap has removed everything from me, my character and begins crying, rocket strolls to Sikander and quiets his down, Kulfi strolls in crying and wipes his tears, Kulfi embraces him, Kulfi discovers his embrace strange. Sikander leaves.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15 May 2019

Rocket says I think you are misconception, your baba is harmed, Kulfi says I don’t feel like he is my Baba, I realize he is harmed yet how might I reveal to you what I believe, I didn’t smell what I used to, rocket and Zinda state you need rest, you will comprehend what’s going on, simply think cautiously on this. Sikander says beautiful I went to market and he said card is declined, Lovely says OK I will check. Flawless checks with the bank and says Sikander you have surpassed credit limit, you have pulled back part of money for what reason is that sikander says it was required, Mohendar bhaiya needed, Mohendar strolls to them, sikander gets uneasy, and says bhaiya a short time prior I gave you, return me,Mohendar says alright, Lovely says I will go check with bank and leaves.

Mohendar says Sikander you need ear telephones desperately, sikander says no keep it, really I pull back a little money and Lovely got stressed thus I disclosed to her it’s for you, kindly collaborate, Mohendar thinks that its odd however says yes. Kulfi strolls to flawless, stunning asks what’s going on, Kulfi says you may discover me peculiar yet at the same time please let me know do you find sikander unusual as well, exquisite sees Sikander and Amyra playing, and asks clarify it, Kulfi says his conduct is transformed, he doesn’t talk, and I found him drinking as well, from the day he has arrived I don’t see sikander in him.

Lovely says all is well don’t think this. Sikander and Amyra having frozen yogurt, sikander says I have overlooked numerous things and makes amyra discloses to him all the past things. Kulfi hears that Sikander sees kulfi and says come in have some frozen yogurt, sikander says both of you have dessert at that point go play, sikander leaves.

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