Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14 May 2019 Written Update – Kulfi Finds Sikander Suspicious

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kulfi says I wanna go down the stairs, there’s something calling me down. Rocket says we should go, it’s going to be late,Bansi says cmon, Kulfi says all of you proceed to thank you for coming yet I’m going down, Kulfi again feels like sikander is calling her, rocket says you won’t go alone we are accompanying you, Kulfi going to slip envisions Sikander giving her help, rocket asks her where she is lost, Kulfi contacts a stone and feels odd and says for what reason do I feel so painful,Kulfi continues ahead, Zinda asks do you see something, Kulfi says I feel something, something is drawing me here, Kulfi finds an ID card, Bansi says heavenly clinic group, Kulfi says I’m taking it home, rocket says OK however at this point it will be dull how about we return home.

Sikander says flawless, it’s simply us now, I need your bliss and will do anything for it, even send Kulfi away, Lovely thinks for what reason is he carrying on so strange is he endeavoring to test me, sikander says you don’t confide in me where is Kulfi I’m sending her immediately, Kulfi calls uncle aunt, sikander hears it and says now she will see my anger. Sikander says listen Kulfi, Kulfi says you need to converse with me,I was kicking the bucket to,Lovely gets frightened and thinks for what reason is he doing this might test me yet he isn’t right I’m changed and says stop sikander, Kulfi child go in, sikander accompany me, she won’t go anyplace she spared my amyra she won’t go out, sikander says you resemble your name Lovely, you need my slip-up to remain with you, you are goddess, Lovely says I don’t think so all I know is Kulfi won’t go, Lovely supposes I’m all great with Kulfi the amount more he needs me as well.

Kulfi races to Sikander and says I was hanging tight to converse with you , for what reason didn’t you see me, for what reason are you acting along these lines, when you know the reality of the situation, I’m biting the dust, sikander says my head is hurting I have experienced a mishap I need time to recoup, and leaves, Kulfi says Lovely is correct I should be quiet. Kulfi sees Sikander playing with Amyra and his companions, Amyras companion push her, Kulfi says no stresses Baba is here he will deal with the circumstance, sikander strolls to that kid and startles him, Kulfi in stun seeing his conduct, amyra glad seeing sikanders take, sikander says Amyra in the event that somebody alarms you, alarm them more, Amyra says cool. Kulfi dreams of Sikander and dusk point, she dreams hurrying to Sikander and him disappearing, Kulfi finds the clump and Sikander cAlls her down the slope, Kulfi grins however sikander disappears once more, Kulfi awakens. Kulfi says Ma for what reason are these strange dreams.

Sikander in overhang drinking, Kulfi sees that and pulls his jug and says you are unwell and you drinking this, sikander chastens her, flawless Mohendar and gunjan stroll to them, sikander lies Kulfi had a terrible dream so I brought her here, Kulfi befuddled, Mohendar asks kulfi is she fine, Sikander says yes she is, Mohendar says come Kulfi how about we go. Exquisite takes a gander at Sikander and says I can smell it till here you were drinking for what reason were you, sikander says I realize it’s perilous I feel forlorn, mishap recollections don’t give me a chance to live in harmony and furthermore you aren’t with me,sikander embraces stunning, and says I need you, Lovely in stun, Lovely says I’m with you, don’t drink it’s bad, sikander says I won’t do whatever you don’t care for, Lovely says alright great night and leaves.

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