Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 13 May 2019 Written Update – Kulfi Reunites With Her Friends

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 13 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Kulfi reveals to Mohendar I envisioned about this spot, did Sikander meet with this mishap here, Amyra says messy young lady, you are desirous of father investing energy with me, so you disturbing him, wouldn’t you be able to see he is unwell, you aren’t notwithstanding considering him, state him baba for once and all and get out, Kulfi says I’m not attempting to, Amyra says don’t you comprehend he doesn’t love you, no one needs you here simply leave. Mohendar embraces Kulfi and quiets her down.

Exquisite endeavors to quiet sikander, sikander says when I think about that mishap I get terrified, that I would free you, Lovely says quiet down all will be fine, sikander says it is difficult and holds stunning’s hand and lays his head on her shoulders, Lovely thinks that its unusual and says Amyra is out, sikander says please remain, Lovely beliefs is he truly changed. Mohendar thumps and strolls in, and says I have to converse with you, Lovely exits.

Kulfi sits alone and says for what reason is carrying on so abnormal with me, telephone rings, Kulfi goes gets the call, Kulfi is educated her companions are down to see her, Kulfi races to them and embraces her. Everybody educates Rajan is incharge now and all is excellent there, rocket asks you were crying what’s up, and all demands her in sharing her issues, Kulfi informs them concerning sikanders peculiar conduct. Kulfi says I generally feel that he isn’t my Baba yet another person and feel like my sikander is lost in this spot and continue longing for it, companions state I know this spot, Kulfi says how about we go, please.

Mohendar inquires as to for what reason did you get so furious over kulfi, sikander says I lost my shellfish yet you should converse with your little girl, Mohendar thinks gracious sikander has given kulfis obligation to me this is for what reason is his conduct and says see amyra is well now yet reality can’t change Kulfi is your girl, Sikander says god my head is turning, Kulfi is my little girl, nobody can comprehend, what I’m experiencing. Sikander thinks god two little girls, sikander asks Mohendar by what means will I keep both my girls glad, I keep overlooking their names, it would be ideal if you converse with me about kulfi so I can recall, Mohendar says alright.

Kulfi and companions achieve a dusk point, Kulfi begins checking out the spot, Kulfi sees the symbol of a divine being and strolls towards it. Sikander says to Mohendar Kulfi experienced a great deal I wish I didn’t meet with a mishap, my the two little girls were in clinic and I wasn’t there with them, Mohendar says now you are giving them equivalent time, Kulfi is missing you a ton, give her your time, sikander says I will. Mohendar says remains in room and Sikander leaves.

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