Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10 May 2019 Written Update – Sikanders Weird Behaviour

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Sikander takes a gander at kulfi in displeasure and says shut up or else I will slaughter you, so rest, and don’t express a word to anybody. kulfi frightened keeps running off. Kulfi attracts her fantasy her book, she exits with it, and says god its such a major riddle, he doesn’t appear my dad, Amyra says on the grounds that he is my father, and now you doubting him when he is giving me all consideration enough of your nonsense,he has taken in its equitable me.

Kulfis paper flies and falls near the Sikander’s picture. Amyra goes to beautiful and says mother, the father will go with kulfi and I don’t need to, dazzling says your father said he needs to go just with you, Amyra gets energized. Stunning gets charge messages, and is in stun, amyra and Sikander stroll in, Amyra says we shopped a lot,kulfi sees them together and feels terrible. Dazzling asks you utilizing my card, Sikander says yes I didn’t discover my wallet, Amyra knew where your card was, and I got her part of dresses, beautiful says I will go check.

Mohendar strolls to Sikander and approaches didn’t you purchase anything for kulfi, Sikander says why for her, kulfi feels terrible and begins crying. Sikander and amyra having pizza, kulfi sees them and things baba never preferred it why he is having it, stunning says your wallet, Sikander says I don’t recollect card details, kulfi supposes he recalls each singke subtleties why he overlooks this.

beautiful says OK no issues we will educate banks for change regarding pin. beautiful gets fork and asks sikander to sign. kulfi finds everything fishy abd strolls to Sikander and asks do you recall this spot. Sikander recollects his mishap and says no I don’t and gets furious saying I’m overlooking things, Mahendra and flawless quiet hin down. kulfi begins crying.

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