Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1 May 2019 Written Update – Breaking Kulfi In Finals

Written Update: Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Chittu says we can’t go to remand home, Kulfi says we will discover a way we are as one, and don’t cry here, how about we go to our room, sikander searching for kulfi, beautiful strolls to him and says Sikander I am so sorry Kulfi couldn’t be chosen yet don’t stress she won’t be sent to remand home, I will give them proofs, she was sent there, sikander says no child will go, Lovely, says I guarantee no child will don’t be furious about her misfortune, sikander says I’m not, it’s a piece of life, it’s that I’m not with her, can’t give her expectation, Amyras bliss, and kulfis misfortune.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 1 May 2019 Written Update

Kulfi says I wish I could sing a little better I broke your trust I’m grieved, Zinda says we as a whole expertise troublesome it was for you to sing the rap, Akash strolls to them and says enough of crying, when you have seen and known Amyra is better and I’m ideal, Kulfi embraces him and says you are correct, it’s hard to beat you, you probably buckled down, I wish I could have buckled down as you did, and sing like you. Mia says this video as transferred, we will play on screen and all responses ought to be recorded and the entire world will know Kulfi is sikanders little girl.

Akash gives chomps I realize I will win this challenge, I have that challenge in me, amyra in front of an audience and says I’m upbeat I achieved finals, my father adores me a ton and he is my master and he realizes I will win this challenge, nobody has a master as I do, Kulfi feels exceptionally pitiful, Kulfi and companions talking about what to do straightaway, Bansi says kulfi you won’t return to remand home, you were there accidentally, Kulfi says even you will disregard me, companions embrace her, sikander recollects specialists recommendations about amyra that she can’t experience agony and outrage, and thinks Kulfi I can’t come to you I’m so heartbroken, you need to experience such alone.

Akash sees kulfi upset and strolls to her, Mia going to put cut on screen, Akash jumps in front of an audience and says kulfi you said I merit however you are incorrect, I deceived everybody, I’m not a child, I have been rehearsing since long, I’m not 11 years of age but rather 28 years of age. Panditji says what drivel is this Akash, Akash says yes I have an illness, that doesn’t give me a chance to develop and makes I resemble a child thus I was exploiting this circumstance and afterward I met Kulfi, she is pure to the point that she met me understand how wrong I’m doing, I’m backing off thus Kulfi and her companions will batt,e with Amyra, Amyra furious.

Falana asks Mia what to do, Mia says Akash says we got splendid Controversy and now sisters will battle and my dear Kulfi is back. Kulfi proceeds to embrace Akash, Akash says thank you for committing me to understand my error, sing admirably and win this challenge yet recollect that I’m the best, Kulfi takes a gander at Sikander and grins, amyra sees Sikander and kulfi taking a gander at one another, and pulls Sikander close.

Kulfi sees her name in finals with her companions and exceptionally Happy, Mia address group of onlookers and says so we have achieved finals and this year we are going to shake the finals, and now given me a chance to let you know, this round challengers will have no assistance from master and the decision of tune by candidates will be shock for us and master so all the best, amyra thinks Kulfi I guarantee you won’t win grimy young lady since I’m up to a trap to discard you.

Mia examining pics, Mia and falana wager without anyone else top picks, Mia says alongside tomorrow world will likewise know Kulfi is sikanders little girl. Rocket says kulfi tomorrow is the best to round for you, you continually sing through heart, Kulfi says yes. Sikander asks Amyra what has she picked, amyra says not presently, it’s a special supper. Chittu goes to see somebody, Kulfi tails him and inquires as to for what reason did you come here alone, don’t stress accompany me, chittu says you go I will come, Kulfi leaves, he embraces a lady, amyra sees it, she hands chittu a few papers.

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