Kristian Alfonso Height – How Tall is Kristian Alfonso?

  • 5ft 4 in
  • 163 cm
  • 1.63 m

Kristian Alfonso birthname / original name is generic cytotec Kristian-Joy Alfonso. Kristian Alfonso is an actor by profession. She is best known for playing Hope Williams Brady, which she has played since 1983 on the NBC sensational sequential Days of Our Lives. She started her vocation as a figure skater and gold decoration champion at the Junior Olympic Figure Skating Championships. At the age of 13, a tobogganing mishap finished her skating profession and Alfonso started displaying.

Kristian Alfonso Height
Kristian Alfonso Height

Kristian Alfonso Height Height (ft): 5ft 4 Inches
where to buy gabapentin cream Height (m): 1.63 m
experimentally Height (cm): 163 cm

When she was 15 she had shown up on the front of more than 30 magazines, including Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She was first observed on TV playing inverse Rock Hudson in the TV film The Starmaker in 1981.

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