Krishna Chali London 14 May 2019 Written Update – Veer Learns About Mohan

Written Update: Krishna Chali London 14 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Krishna asking Radhe did he come here previously. He gets some information about the bloom plant. Bua says there was such red blossom plant. Shuklain says I additionally recall it, we got baraat here, Radhe got his stomach resentful about the season of marriage. Gajanan says he had numerous samosas. Shuklain says everybody was singing and moving, Krishna had fled around then. Radhe asks Krishna not to go anyplace. Krishna takes a gander at him. Veer searches for somebody. He sees the young lady Kusum and pursues her. He sees her auntie away. He offers chocolates to Kusum and apologizes.

Krishna Chali London 14 May 2019

He escapes the woman. Kusum grins and says you are frightened of auntie, right. He says indeed, a great deal, if it’s not too much trouble enlighten me concerning Mohan. She says even Mohan was frightened, he went some place two years back and didn’t return, one day he vanished and after that my mum passed away, what will I do now, would you be able to discover Mohan, guide him to come and take me along, auntie reprimands a ton. Veer says I will come to meet you. He goes.

Krishna Chali London 14 May 2019

Krishna converses with Dr. Rao and says I took Radhe all over yet no utilization. He says it’s fine, we need to keep persistence, keep me refreshed. Radhe takes a gander at her. Veer calls Nayani and tells everything. He says something isn’t right, Mohan is absent for two years, I m going to discover about him, somebody would have recorded missing objection. He calls Krishna and says I have to talk. She says reveal to me quick, I m occupied. He asks are you fine. She asks did you needed to ask only this. She closes the call.

Veer comes to police headquarters to get some information about Mohan. Monitor says I know nothing, its old case. Veer says you are correct, you won’t know anything, if the priest calls you, advise the equivalent to him. Examiner gets some information about Mohan’s full name to discover case subtleties. Constable gives the old case records and asks Veer to discover it himself. Shukla requests that the worker clean the bicycle. Veer checks the records and says how might I discover it here, I don’t know much.

Krishna and everybody return home. Krishna sees Radhe’s bicycle. Veer says I didn’t get the location. Examiner says I can’t discover the case record on the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea about the full name, proceed to tell serve that I have helped you. Veer picks the papers. He gets edgy and checks papers once more. He gets stunned seeing Mohan’s pic in the paper. Mohan was captured for a theft case. Shukla pours water on the bicycle. Radhe looks on and yells no, don’t consume my bicycle. Gajanan stops him. Shukla says I was washing it, not consuming it. Krishna looks on. Radhe looks on. Veer says Mr. Mohan, diversion over. The specialist checks Radhe and says he is fine, his BP is typical.

Shuklain contends. Krishna asks Shukla to give the specialist a chance to talk first. The specialist says Radhe swooned by pressure, his memory was activated. Shukla says I didn’t get it. Radhe says, mummy. Shukla says Radhe, how are you feeling now, I will get your fav sustenance. Everybody grins. Krishna deals with Radhe. He asks are you not going, I m terrified of your leaving. He rests in her lap. She gets Veer’s call. She separates. Veer calls once more. She gets his message. He requests that she come and meet, else he will come inside the house to meet her.

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