Krishna Chali London 14 June 2019 Written Update – Shukla Agrees & Mohan Gets Arrested

Written Update: Krishna Chali London 14 June 2019 Written Update on

She signs him to take everybody and go. He signs there are two individuals close to the entryway. Veer says Mohan, on the off chance that anything happens to the patients… Mohan says they won’t go. Veer says you are getting your cash, for what reason did you keep them here, reconsider, in the event that anything transpires, you won’t get cash, send them with me, I will treat them, send your men, you shoot me on the off chance that we do anything incorrectly. Bilal gestures. Mohan says to take every one of them.

Krishna Chali London 14 June 2019

Veer takes everybody. He makes them out of the medical clinic. Veer goes. Krishna tosses the poisonous gas jars. Mohan asks from where is this smoke coming. Veer beats the goon. Veer and Gajanan beat Mohan and Bilal. Mohan flees seeing police. He enters Shukla’s ward and yells stop there, let me go. He focuses firearm at Krishna and Veer. Krishna says leave him, it’s over. Gajanan says I m going in, Mohan is inside. Sunaina says Shukla’s life is in peril, I will likewise go. Bela says let us go in. Auditor stops them.

Mohan says get back. Veer says we are moving back. Mohan evacuates the breathing device. He shoots. Veer gets back. Mohan rushes to the window. Shukla gets up and glances around. Mohan sees him. Shukla asks how could you come here. Mohan says you didn’t kick the bucket. He focuses weapon. Shukla tosses some plate and yells get him. Police gets Mohan. Investigator picks the weapon. Mohan says Veer I want extra you, Krishna you didn’t do right, I will return. Krishna embraces Shukla and says express gratitude toward God Papa, you are fine. Shukla gets enthusiastic.

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