Kesari Nandan 5 April 2019 Written Update – Rana Ji Helps Hanumant

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 5 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Hanumant asking Jagat to take some rest, he will get fined. He cries seeing Jagat. Specialist requests that he proceed to sit. Hanumant goes. Zoravar approaches him not to stress for emergency clinic charge, he will accomplish something. Hanumant says I know this, I m stressed reasoning who shot Jagat and why, do you know this. Zoravar says what will I say, this projectile wasn’t for Jagat, it was for Kesari. They get stunned. Zoravar says Kesari has started this against the townspeople, everybody is annoyed with her, the locals need to slaughter her, Kesari is the base, all things considered, Jagat got shot to spare her. Kesari comes. Hanumant takes a gander at her. Zoravar says disclose to me who will jump at the chance to slaughter Jagat, this young lady has tested the town traditions, Jagat needed to pay for this. He appeals to God for Jagat. Kesari says sorry. Hanumant yells

Madhavi removes this young lady from me at this moment. Madhavi concurs and takes her. Kesari says I didn’t wish this to occur, excuse me. Hanumant asks won’t you hear me out. Kesari says I will tune in. Madhavi asks her not to contend and get them.

Zoravar says go from here, save us. Madhavi takes Kesari. Hanumant cries. Kesari considers Hanumant and cries. The police come to capture Hanumant. Kesari considers Rana ji who can support them. She sees Rana ji going in the vehicle. She goes to stop him. She pursues the vehicle. Kala singh enters the clinic. Hanumant gets stunned seeing him. Kala says you figure you will get spared from me. He captures Hanumant. Zoravar says abandon him. Kala says he is a criminal. Madhavi says my child is in threat, where are you taking him. Kala says he is charged for robbery and jail break, you know the discipline. Madhavi requests that he have humankind. Kala says we can capture you as well, don’t outrage me. Hanumant says set out to contact her and afterward observe. He asks Madhavi not to converse with Kala. He goes. They see Rana ji and stop.

Kesari gets Rana ji with her. Hanumant welcomes him. Rana ji asks what’s going on. Overseer says Hanumant is accused of robbery. Rana ji says he has fled from the prison, right, for what reason didn’t you let him come, you ought to have him here, his child required him, for what reason did you keep him in prison, its only a fault, wrongdoing isn’t demonstrated. Overseer concurs. Rana ji says it implies Hanumant can get safeguard. Investigator says yes. Rana ji says abandon him, my legal advisor is going to your police headquarters with safeguard papers. Examiner concurs and asks Kala Singh to leave Hanumant. Kala liberates Hanumant. Zoravar looks on. Police leaves. Kesari grins. Hanumant expresses gratitude toward Rana ji.

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