Kesari Nandan 30 April 2019 Written Update – Bhairav Becomes Kesari’s Trainer

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 30 April 2019 Written Update on

Date, 30th April 2019: The Episode begins with Hanumant requesting that Kalki accept this as a test in the event that she is a genuine victory. She asks what will I gain from this dirt. He requests that Kalki rout this wrestler. She concurs. She neglects to get off the wrestler from his place. He grins. Hanumant asks what occurred, you know why he didn’t fall, he knows to put his foot on the dirt, I instructed him to stop, think whether you can make this person fall, you can make anybody tumble down. She says I can’t remain in this dirt. Rana j comes. Hanumant welcomes him. Kalki gets tipsy and says its excessively hot. Rana ji says accompany me.

Hanumant says I will choose about her group, you have procured me to prepare Kalki, if a dad’s affection comes in the middle of, I can’t satisfy my obligation, you demonstrate my ability and I know her ability, trust me and don’t meddle. Rana ji consents to him. He requests that he continue and goes. Hanumant says your preparation will occur here, I will sit tight for you tomorrow first thing, be prepared. He goes. Kalki gets irate.

Madhavi asks where is Kesari, Kripa came and said Kesari didn’t come to class. Jagat says Kesari has gone to persuade her mentor. She says on the off chance that you have sent her, she will get her mentor. Kesari races to finish the obstacle race. She rehearses till night. Bhairav sees her and asks her name. She says Kesari. He asks are you rehearsing since that time. She gestures. He says its not young lady’s work, doesn’t your family stress for you, where do you live, whose little girl are you. She says Hanumant’s little girl. He gets stunned.

He inquires as to for what reason didn’t you advise this to me previously, I will prepare you. He gets happy reasoning he fizzled Hanumant. He says I will without a doubt train you, reveal to me truth, for what reason isn’t your father preparing you. She says he doesn’t trust that young ladies can wrestler. He inquires as to for what reason is he preparing Kalki. She says he is defenseless, Kalki doesn’t have the right to turned into his understudy, I m furious. He says extraordinary, transform feelings into triumph, utilize your resentment into wrestling. She guarantees. He supposes I will prepare Kesari and fall flat Hanumant, it’s my guarantee.

Hanumant asks where is Kesari, its late. Jagat says Kesari’s preparation began with her new mentor. He yells Madhavi. He asks did you realize that Kesari went for her preparation, who is this new mentor. Bhairav comes and says its me, Hanumant. Hanumant and Madhavi get stunned seeing Bhairav with Kesari. Bhairav says I returned home to drop Kesari, I m her new mentor, Bhairav Singh. Hanumant contends. He asks Madhavi did she know this. Madhavi chastens Bhairav.

Zoravar comes and looks on grinning. Kesari says I didn’t wish to pester you, yet I need a mentor. Hanumant asks didn’t you get some other mentor, I m not preventing you from wrestling, Bhairav isn’t directly for you, I realize him well. Bhairav inquires as to why, are you frightened that I will prepare Kesari to vanquish Kalki. Hanumant says I m irate, yet I would prefer not to bring hand on you up before kids, avoid my little girl, you won’t prepare her.

Jagat says no, Bhairav will prepare Kesari, you lost the privilege to choose since you would not prepare her. Hanumant asks who are you will be you Kesari’s father, Madhavi and I will choose. Jagat says fine, mum will choose for Kesari. He reminds Madhavi her guarantee to help Kesari. He asks Madhavi to disclose to her choice. Madhavi says Kesari’s preparation will begin from tomorrow, with the new mentor Bhairav. Hanumant gets stunned. He goes. Zoravar and Bijli go. Jagat asks Kesari to come.

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