Kesari Nandan 28 June 2019 Written Update – Bomb is fixed to the Car

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 28 June 2019 Written Update on

Bhairav says I need to get Hanumant out of prison and afterward expel the prohibition on Kesari’s name. Kesari calls Pappu. He says I would prefer not to converse with you. She says Kalki’s father Rana ji is no more, she is distant from everyone else, simply go to her, do this for me. He gets stunned. He concurs. She expresses gratitude toward him.

Constable requests that they come in, firearm reports have come. Examiner says the report is sure, Hanumant had the gun, the same gun was utilized to shoot the shot. Kesari says no, Hanumant can’t do this, somebody encircled him. Bhairav asks who is he, he is in front of us. Madhavi and Kesari cry and embrace. Jawahar gets frightened considering Zoravar, who shot Rana ji.

Kesari Nandan 28 June 2019

Hanumant meets his family. He says I m honest, I didn’t shoot Rana ji. Kesari supports him. Hanumant says I didn’t wish to reveal to Rana ji’s name to anybody and attempted to fix things, there was nobody at his home, don’t have the foggiest idea how did this occur. Zoravar changed the weapon. He says I had chosen to slaughter Rana ji when he consumed my medications. Bijli says you are crafty, you slaughtered him and confined Hanumant.

He says now Hanumant will go correctional facility and I will control in this Akhada and Rana ji’s fields. Jawahar remains frightened. His mum comes to him and asks what’s the issue, for what reason are you so terrified, let me know. Jawahar says Rana ji is killed and Hanumant is encircled, I have seen everything. Jyoti hears this. Kesari and family got back home. Kesari and Jagat ask Madhavi not to stress and take rest, they won’t lose and bring Hanumant home.

Jawahar’s mum says Zoravar is a mean awful man, on the off chance that he realizes you have seen this, he will hurt you, don’t utter a word. Jawahar says Kesari’s father will endure. She says we will remain safe in the event that you stay silent, swear on me, you won’t utter a word. He swears. Jyoti comes to Kesari to get some information about Rana ji’s homicide. Kesari says father became acquainted with about Rana ji’s slip-up, how could you know this. Jyoti says Jawahar was telling mum. Kesari asks how does Jawahar know this. She supposes Jawahar can uncover the mystery now.

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