Kesari Nandan 24 June 2019 Written Update – Hanumant Stops Him

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 24 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kalki requesting that Hanumant hands over the trophy to her. Shakti asks Hanumant to complete the customs. Kesari gestures to Hanumant. He gives the trophy to Kalki. Kalki apologizes to everybody from Kesari’s side and put-down Kesari in a roundabout way. Bhairav reproves Kalki. The men affront Bhairav, Hanumant and Kesari. Hanumant blows up.

Kesari Nandan 24 June 2019

Madhavi cries hearing the insults. Individuals snicker on Hanumant. He furiously beats the man. The general population leave. Kesari gets miserable. She meets her companions and embraces. They all get tragic. They inquire as to for what reason did you do this. Kesari asks you suspect as much. Pappu says truly, your test was taken thrice. They request that her acknowledge her error, verification is additionally there, she advised that she can effectively get her father’s adoration.

Kesari says I thought all of you will trust me. Pappu asks her to apologize to everybody. Kesari requests that he leave her hand. She pushes him. He falls aside and gets injured. He says remain away, no con artist can be my companion. She cries and says I m not a miscreant. Kalki moves and asks Zoravar for what valid reason did he not meet her previously. She calls him underhanded uncle. He snickers and hits the dance floor with her. Rana ji requests that he get out.

Zoravar asks what did I do, I did what you stated, will I go. Kalki says no, he is our visitor, he will go when I request that he leave. Madhavi chastens Hanumant and Kesari for battling with others. Hanumant asks what would i be able to do. Kesari says I didn’t battle anybody. Madhavi says like dad, similar to little girl. He thinks about Kesari and embraces her.

Kesari Nandan 24 June 2019

She says excuse me, the whole family and town’s name got destroyed as a result of me. He pushes her in the Akhada and says you are my understudy now, we won’t lose expectation and fortitude, we will battle against foul play, get up, you have won Bharat Kesari title, you will dependably be Bharat Kesari for me, I will clean this fault on your name. Kesari says beyond any doubt.

She asks how did my reports come positive. He says don’t have the foggiest idea, I will discover. She says possibly the example got changed. He says its conceivable, I will proceed to discover. She says I will tag along. He says be here with your mum and sibling. Madhavi approaches them to want supper. He says fine, Kesari recall, you are my girl. She grins. She says I will battle bad form and I will accompany you.

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