Kesari Nandan 22 April 2019 Written Update – Hanumant And Bhairav Have A Fight

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 22 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kesari and her companions hanging tight for Kalki in the reasonable. Kalki comes there and says father has called me here. She gets down and detests the filthy spot. Kesari and her companions stop her and welcome her with hues. They toss hues at Kalki and pester her. Kesari demonstrates a kalash to Kalki and requests that she fill it with water and keep it over the head, she needs to adjust it well, its a test. Kalki says its overwhelming, isn’t there any little kalash.

They keep the pots on the head and walk. The two of them attempt to win the test. Kalki surges and drops much water. Jawahar looks on. Kalki cheats and wins the undertaking. She says I achieved, I m a champ. Kesari arrives behind schedule. Pappu checks the water amounts in both the pots by pouring the water in the pails. Kesari wins by pouring much water from the pot. Kalki gets stunned. Pappu says Kesari’s kalash has more water. They all state Kesari has won. Kalki asks by what means would this be able to occur. Kesari says the center is demon than speed, your center proceeded to dilute fell. Kalki solicits what’s the name from your father.

Bhairav yells Hanumant Singh. Everybody gets stunned. Bhairav challenges Hanumant for a battle. Bhairav says you have won Bharat Kesari since I didn’t contend with you, you would have not won on the off chance that you confronted me. Hanumant hears him inciting him. He comes there running and asks him not to set out take Madhavi’s name. Bhairav applies soil to his temple. He ventures inside the Akhada. He says I will take her name, Madhavi. Kesari, Jagat, Zoravar, Madhavi and Kalki look on. Madhavi stresses and implores. Hanumant applies the dirt to his temple and ventures inside the wrestling ground. The battle starts.

Kesari asks what are you doing father. Kalki watches their battle. Hanumant slams up Bhairav. Kesari gets happy. The general population cheer for Hanumant. Kesari and children likewise acclaim Hanumant. Bhairav tumbles down. The battle goes on. Kesari says you are supposing you offended Hanumant and how might he be the best victor, he is Hanumant Singh. Cycle 2 starts. Hanumant handles Bhairav well. Kesari asks Jagat not to stress, Hanumant will win.

Jagat says perhaps, however, Bhairav can likewise win, he is no less. Cycle 3 starts. Hanumant gets occupied when Bhairav talks of Madhavi. Bhairav says regardless she looks excellent. Hanuman says don’t take her name. Bhairav asks are you terrified that she will come to me by abandoning you, that she laments the choice of picking you. Madhavi looks on. Bhairav says I know you both are battling a result of your girl. Hanumant beats him a ton. Madhavi stresses and asks Hanumant to stop. The general population makes Hanumant far from Bhairav.

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