Kesari Nandan 21 June 2019 Written Update – Kalki gets the Bharat Kesari title

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 21 June 2019 Written Update on

Kesari plays well and wins the battle. A few authorities from the therapeutic camp come there. Kesari welcomes Hanumant’s feet. She demonstrates to him the publication and says I saw this at free wellbeing camp. Specialist educates her regarding physiotherapy which can make a handicapped individual walk once more. Kesari says Jagat can walk once more, take the cash from my reward and begin Jagat’s treatment.

Kesari Nandan 21 June 2019

Hanumant asks what are you saying. The men welcome Shakti and demonstrate a few reports. Shakti asks Bhairav to check Kesari’s report, which says she had taken medications at the season of rivalry. Everybody gets stunned. Bhairav asks in what manner would this be able to occur. He discloses this to Madhavi. Hanumant inquires as to for what reason will Kesari take medications to help her quality.

Kesari says I didn’t do anything. The man demonstrates the blood reports and says tests don’t lie. Hanumant gets stunned. Kesari says I m not lying, I m prepared to swear. Individuals talk about her. Kesari says I didn’t do anything. Shakti says we need to take this title and trophy once more from you. They all get stunned. Zoravar grins. Rana ji sees the news on television.

Kesari Nandan 21 June 2019

Rana ji and Kalki get stunned. Kalki grins and says you did it for me, much appreciated, I adore you. Rana ji stresses. Zoravar asks are you glad presently, see Kalki is so upbeat. Rana ji asks what did you do. Zoravar says I did as you said. Rana ji says yet you demolished Kesari’s profession. Zoravar says yet your girl is glad. Hireling says Shakti has come and he is calling Kalki. Kalki says truly, at long last.

Hanumant blows up when individuals talk sick. Bhairav says another person’s example is swapped with Kesari, she is maligned. Kesari inquires as to for what reason will I do this, I got prepared and practice, I realize wrestling admirably. Hanumant says you did some misstep. Madhavi says truly, Kesari can’t do this. The man says we did the test thrice and affirmed it. Kesari says I didn’t do anything. Shakti says excuse me, you can’t get Bharat Kesari title now, one who merits it will win.

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