Kesari Nandan 20 June 2019 Written Update – Kesari’s reports had traces of drugs

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 20 June 2019 Written Update on

Kesari says I will drink water. Kalki gets offending her. Rana ji and others chat on stage and praise the young lady who spared numerous lives. Rana ji says that young lady is Kesari. Kalki gets stunned. Everybody applauds cheerfully for Kesari. Rana ji asks Kesari to come in front of an audience, she has won Bharat Kesari first and afterward their hearts.

Kesari Nandan 20 June 2019

Everybody applauds. Kesari goes on the stage and gets compensated with an award. Kalki sees Zoravar. He says bad form is occurring with you, you had won Bharat Kesari first and after that lost the title. He says I will guide you now. Kesari says I simply did what my family showed me, my mum instructed me to help other people, my father instructed me to have the mental fortitude, my sibling is my motivation, who got shot to spare my life.

They all grin. Kesari says to have confidence in oneself is the most demon, we as a whole can turn into a legend. Everybody applauds her. Kalki flees. Kesari contacts Hanumant’s feet and demonstrates to him the honor. He grins and says I believed I can’t live proudly ever, yet what you did today, you did right by me, you are a wrestler, yet a decent individual like Madhavi, much appreciated. He embraces Kesari. He demonstrates the honor of Jagat. Kesari embraces Madhavi.

Kesari Nandan 20 June 2019

The man reports that Kesari will participate in a national wrestling title. Everybody gets happy and applauds. Hanumant embraces her and requests that her success. Rana ji sees Kalki proceeded to go to ask Zoravar. Zoravar says I didn’t see her. Rana ji goes. Kalki packs her sacks. Rana ji goes to her and asks what’s going on with you. She says I m returning to London. He says I m Rana ji of this town, I found out about Kesari and got the opportunity to compensate her.

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