Kesari Nandan 2 May 2019 Written Update – Kesari & Kalki Reach The Camp

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 2 May 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Hanumant soliciting Kalki not to think from Kesari and center, she shouldn’t cheat to win. Kalki asks him not to rehash himself. He goes. Madhavi packs Kesari’s sack. Jagat gets new shoes for Kesari. He says mum gave me cash, you will wear these shoes now. She thanks and embraces him. She embraces Madhavi. Madhavi goes. Hanumant comes and asks Jagat did he overlook his medications. Kesari says I will get it. Hanumant asks Jagat to go. Jagat goes. Hanumant wants her to enjoy all that life has to offer for the camp.

He says your family and companions won’t be there, you need to fare thee well, remain alert. He favors her. Kesari gets happy. He goes. Its morning, Jagat drops Kesari at the camp. He requests that her fare thee well and goes. Kalki touches base there. They get contending. Kesari tells what Jagat instructed her. Kalki challenges her that she won’t let her go in the camp. Kesari says we will see, I acknowledge the test. They get in. Kesari grins seeing the camp. She joins the children.

The resigned Colonel Aman says I m the in charge here, the camp is for three days, your physical quality will be checked here, the understudies who pass well will get the opportunity to participate in Bharat Kesari, I need discipline here. He rebuffs a few young ladies. The woman Varsha says let them go, they are young ladies. He says now, you will complete 40 pushups, not 20. the young ladies do the pushups. He says in the event that you need equivalent treatment, overlook you are young ladies, don’t anticipate compassion from me, you will report here each morning, intoplicine won’t go on without serious consequences. He stops Kalki and takes her earphones.

He requests that her prepare. Kalki makes Kesari fall and grins. Kalki and Kesari raced to possess a bed. Kalki inconveniences Kesari. Aman comes. They gripe about one another. He says shut up, I will choose it, none of you will get the loft, they will rest at the same dimension with the goal that they see each other’s face when they wake up. Kesari unloads her pack. She gets an icon and implores. Kalki guarantees to make Kesari a failure. Varsha approaches them to assemble for warm up in 60 minutes, be prepared on schedule.

Hanumant stresses for Kesari. Madhavi says Kesari and Kalki achieved the camp, you have harmed Kesari, what’s the utilization to get some information about her now. He stops her. He says you know in what circumstance I took that choice. Bijli and Zoravar look on. She remarks on their sentiment. He says they will join together, this shouldn’t occur, I need to accomplish something. Madhavi doesn’t tune in to Hanumant and goes. Aman trains the young ladies. Kalki and Kesari contend. Aman watches them. Varsha says it feels like they are dashing. Kalki pushes a young lady. Kesari holds the young lady. The young lady asks is Kalki distraught.

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