Kesari Nandan 17 April 2019 Written Update – Kesari takes a rose to give to Hanumant

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 17 April 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Bijli insulting Madhavi that Zoravar acquires a great deal now. Hanumant comes and answers Bijli. He chastens her for being narrow-minded. He asks Madhavi to send Jagat and Kesari out, he has taken a choice. Kesari says I mentioned father to prepare me, Hanumant said he will talk at home. Jagat gets upbeat. She says he didn’t chasten me.

He says he will concur, right. They giggle. Madhavi says Hanumant is calling you as well. He giggles. Kesari takes a rose to provide for Hanumant in Guru Dakshina. Hanumant makes Zoravar’s things out of the house and asks Zoravar to keep his tone low. He says this house won’t keep running with your terrible cash, it will keep running by genuine acquiring. Jagat asks what occurred. Hanumant says I cleaned the soil from Akhada. They ask. Hanumant says I have taken a choice. Madhavi inquires

what. He says for this house and family, all of you don’t have to live being vulnerable, the prohibition on me in canceled. They get happy. Hanumant says I got another work, Rana ji made everything fine, I need to prepare his little girl consequently, for wrestling. They get stunned. Kesari says you mean his child. He says his little girl, Kalki, I m her Guru now, I need to prepare her for Bharat Kesari title.

He asks Kesari not to get resolved, he needs to run the house and deal with them. Kesari cries and asks how might you do this, you aren’t preparing me. Jagat says I will say why, since he has sold his morals to him. Zoravar says you are correct, I didn’t expect this from Hanumant. Jagat says I additionally didn’t anticipate this, Jagat has sold house regard. Hanumant yells on him.

Jagat says no utilization to yell on me, you informed me concerning the standards of this Akhada, when I implored you to prepare Kesari, yet you needed to prepare another young lady, with the goal that you get paid, Kesari could likewise win and win cash, we didn’t whine that we aren’t ready to win, you are going to prepare Kesari’s adversary, her foe, possibly she prevails upon Kesari in rivalry, you are grabbing Bharat Kesari title from Kesari. Madhavi slaps him. Kesari embraces Jagat. Madhavi chastens him.

Jagat says I would prefer not to converse with Hanumant now. He cries and leaves. Kesari gets miserable and cries. Madhavi stresses. Kesari runs someplace. Pappu meets her and gestures of recognition her. She cries and reveals to her concern. Pappu makes her giggle. He crashes into Kalki. Hanumant keeps cash in the cabinet. He asks the end result for Jagat, how was he conversing with me, you kept my regard, I was certain you will get me. Madhavi says whatever Jagat said was correct. He takes a gander at her. She says on the off chance that I had strength, I would have said this to you, I came here as your significant other, I have an obligation towards youngsters likewise, they need me now, you aren’t turning into their help. He says what jabber, everybody got frantic, I m doing this for family. She says you aren’t understanding what Kesari needs.

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