Kesari Nandan 14 June 2019 Written Update – Kesari Helps In Storm

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 14 June 2019 Written Update on

The driver says we can’t get scared now, it’s better to flee and spare our lives. He comes up short of transport. The general population yell. Kesari requests that the general population go out one by one. Kalki says I will go out first, I m Rana ji’s girl. Kesari asks her not to go out along these lines. Kalki goes. The tree gets breaking by the transport’s heap. Pappu asks Kesari to spare them. Hanumant supplicates. He asks Bhairav is he prepared. They drive the constables and keep running in front of the blockade.

Kesari Nandan 14 June 2019

The general population comes up short on transport. Kesari clears transport. Kesari and her companions additionally attempt to get down. Kesari sends every one of them out. Pappu requests that she come quick. Madhavi races to spare Jagat. They see a major wooden log tumbling down. Hanumant comes and holds it. Bhairav additionally comes to hold it. They push it away and spare Madhavi and Jagat.

They make Jagat sit on the wheelchair. Madhavi says we ought to proceed to discover Kesari, she has gone to Dhaba. Bhairav says that Dhaba has taken off. Madhavi and Hanumant state nothing will happen to Kesari, she is a valiant young lady, a warrior. Jagat says possibly she took some asylum anyplace. Kesari falls inside the transport.

Kesari Nandan 14 June 2019

Pappu requests that her turn out quick. She says the entryway got stuck. He says there is a rope inside the transport. She utilizes the rope. Madhavi appeals to God for her. Hanumant and Bhairav search for her. Pappu holds the rope. They attempt to open the entryway by pulling the rope. The entryway opens. Kesari bounces out and the transport falls. Kesari expresses gratitude toward Pappu for his thought. Kalki contends with them. She gets stressed seeing. They turn and get stunned seeing the dust storm.

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