Kesari Nandan 11 June 2019 Written Update – Zoravar makes a Plan

Written Update: Kesari Nandan 11 June 2019 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Kesari demonstrating the keychain to Jagat and saying the criminal additionally had such a keychain. Jagat says we should discover and know the ruffian. Zoravar and Bijli look on. Jagat says we should initially go to the Jashan kept for you. Hanumant invites everybody.

The general population acclaim Kesari for winning the Bharat kesari grant. Hanumant grins and reviews his snapshot of winning Bharat Kesari. He says I m glad for my little girl’s triumph. They grin. Pappu says we ought to sing and move in Jashan. Jagat says you are correct it will occur however in an alternate manner, pick a chit and the individual whose name comes in the chit will move. Kesari picks a chit and peruses.

Kesari Nandan 11 June 2019

Hanumant’s name. She says Hanumant needs to move now. Hanumant asks me, I don’t know the move, ask Madhavi to move. Kesari says its the game principle. Pappu and Kesari stop him. Jagat signs Madhavi to help Hanumant.  Bhairav comes in the gathering. He says you acknowledge that I m a superior mentor than you. Hanumant says truly, your understudies are superior to my understudy, my little girl is an incredible wrestler.

Bhairav says you won’t change. Kesari says nothing can occur of them. Madhavi says I don’t have the foggiest idea about, their false impressions need to end. Madhavi gets a thought and plays a melody Ae ji o ji. Bhairav begins moving on the tune. Hanumant hits the dance floor with him. Everybody grins and applauds them.

Kesari Nandan 11 June 2019

Bijli goes to Kesari’s space to take the keychain. Jagat asks Kesari to proceed to get the camera. Bijli gets the keychain. Kesari comes and says you here. Zoravar looks on. Jagat inquires as to for what reason is this key with you, for what reason did you take this. Bijli stresses. Zoravar asks what occurred, I asked Bijli to get the key, I heard your discussion, I will discover the hijacker and not extra him.

Kesari grins. Bijli says Zoravar will discover, the key can be of the godown moreover. Kesari says you are correct, I didn’t think about this, it possibly a godown key, much appreciated. She embraces Bijli. Zoravar blows up. Kesari recovers the key. He says I will discover the offender. Hanumant and Bhairav move a great deal and afterward sit chuckling.

Hanumant says I m a superior wrestler, yet you are a superior artist. Bhairav says indeed, our old recollections got restored, you are my solitary companion, in the event that you let me know once that you like Madhavi, I would have gotten off your direction, however you didn’t give our kinship a shot. Hanumant says I composed a letter to you, you figure I didn’t get injured to lose my closest companion.

Bhairav says I didn’t get the letter, for what reason do you continue lying. Hanumant says I composed the letter for you. Kesari goes. Bhairav says I would have comprehended on the off chance that I got the letter, you are a liar. Hanumant yells Bhairav.

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