Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28 April 2020 Written Update: Nickie, Maa & everybody was glad

Written Update: Ananya chuckles that I love it. Rohit says it was said by Ghalib, he would just say, she is his Dua (Prayer) and his Dawa (Medicine). He is grateful forever that he got her as a blessing, and says I love you. Ananya embraces Rohit saying I love you to such an extent. Everybody applauds. Poonam was upset and swallows the entire beverage, at that point comes up short on the house.

Nickie, Maa, and everybody was glad. Poonam writings Abhimanyu and welcomes him for espresso. Abhimanyu was energized and asks when? She answers, presently. He says amazing, it appears she is in temperament. Poonam answers, she is in a state of mind to flee. Abhi answers how about we do it now, he can hardly wait for her state of mind to change. See her at the bistro.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28 April 2020 Written Update

Rohit shares a chomp with Ananya, she says it’s tasty. Cherry doesn’t let Ananya assume the acknowledgment, saying she brought the cake, and Harry proposed the shop. They take some more beverages. Poonam comes to see Abhi at the bistro. She is sorry for upsetting as of now. Abhi answers its alright, he was very free.

Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28 April 2020
Kehne Ko Humsafar Hain 28 April 2020

Rohit inquires as to whether this is the main present, birthday kid needs some more presents. Ananya requests that he keep persistence. One present is for after gathering, the other one is the thing that Harry is bringing. Rohit inquires as to whether Prince Harry, from Hardwar. Ananya snickers that it’s originating from London.

Poonam asks why she is imparting her own life to him, whom she doesn’t know well. Poonam tastes the espresso and says it’s great, the espresso and the inclination. Nobody knows her here, and she is an outsider. Abhi says she knows him. Poonam says he is additionally a more interesting, still now and then you feel comfortable with outsiders. Abhi says he felt they were companions now.

Poonam snickers saying ‘sorry’ She says today, she can’t control herself. She saw Rohit state I love you to Ananya. She was more likely than not felt this two years prior. Her little girls have adjusted to Ananya. She feels irate at herself and feels inept. She would not like to go to the party, however, she was unable to state no to Nickie. Abhi says its extremely dumb that they are having espresso, how about we have wine. Poonam says she had two wines, and she typically drinks when she is glad.

Abhi inquires as to whether she is pitiful today. Poonam answers she is humiliated. Everybody is cheerful in the circumstance. She isn’t miserable too. Abhi asks then for what reason Poonam called him. Poonam says she needed to talk. Abhi says she called him since she prefers his organization, and he additionally loves her organization since he loves her. She knows that he is pulled in to her. Poonam goes to leave with no word.

There in the gathering, everybody moves and appreciate. Avi reveals to Anna that they should all leave now. The genuine festivals would begin after the gathering. Ana advises her to stop as they are getting a charge out of. What’s more, Harry hasn’t shown up too. Avi remarks that she needs wafer before 12 PM as of now and giggles. Sheena attempts to call Poonam however she doesn’t get.

She presently hears Jassi and Gurinder, while Jassi didn’t let Guri have another beverage. Sheena says nobody in the gathering is fascinating, aside from Guri. Guri brags in front of Jassi that Jassi doesn’t esteem him at home. He goes to address Sheena and welcomes him to the showroom. Sheena inquires as to whether he is playing with her, isn’t he terrified of his better half. Guri talks genuinely that he is extremely scared of Jassi. Sheena gives a kiss on his cheek and leaves the gathering. Guri comes to Rohit with a beverage.

Rohit says he previously drank a great deal. He watches Harry come inside and swallows the beverage at long last, at that point goes to welcome Harry. Avi comes to Harry and gets some information about the flight. Harry gets some information about Ana. Harry goes to wish Rohit. Rohit says Harry was late. Harry says at the present time, he is only the conveyance kid. Ana comes to meet Harry and expresses gratitude toward him for the blessing.

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