Kawach 9 June 2019 Written Update – Angad comes and holds

Written Update: Kawach 9 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Nisha comes there and asks what was the deal? Angad tells that he had seen a woman wearing Maharastrian saree. He advises that he needs to mislead Sandhya and can’t disclose to her reality. Sandhya comes there. Nisha requests that he unwind and says once we turn out from this chaos, at that point will tell everything really. Sandhya is stunned.

Dada ji discloses to Angad’s dad that Pandit ji asked them not to keep Sangeet as somebody kicked the bucket here. Angad’s dad says the dead man will get some regard. Vinayaka says marriage will happen tomorrow. Sandhya misjudges Nisha and Angad’s discussion. She supposes to converse with Angad when the mangalsutra falls on the entryway. She holds the mangalsutra and tosses it out.

Kawach 9 June 2019

The mangalsutra gets back in her room. Sandhya gets stunned and supposes I have tossed this out, this is incomprehensible. She says I will toss this out. She tosses again and shuts the window. The mangalsutra flies and comes inside once more. She supposes how this mangalsutra is coming inside over and over. She breaks it. The witch tells something. Sandhya figures this can’t return.

The dark smoke comes inside and gets the mangalsutra fixed itself. Sandhya is stunned and grasps the mangalsutra. She is going to toss it when she sees the witch on the window. She yells and runs out terrified. She slams into Kapil. Kapil inquires as to whether she saw a phantom.

Kawach 9 June 2019

Sandhya gets some information about Angad. Kapil says let’s seek together. Nisha inquires as to whether phantom exists. Angad says no. Nisha tumbles down when the children slam into her. Angad causes her to get up. Kapil sees him and shows to Sandhya. Sandhya sees Angad with Nisha and lifting her in his arms.

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