Kawach 6 October 2019 Episode Written Update – What Ruhi Asks Aastha?

Written Update: Kawach 6 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Sandhya calling Angad lastly observing him standing. Prem calls him Papa and rushes to him. Sandhya sees Angad’s eyes turning red and gets far fetched. She yells calling Prem to stop. Prem embraces Angad and he is the fate of stone. Sandhya’s leg stalls out in the dirt. She hears a voice disclosing to her that he is the gatekeeper of the pret aatma.

Sandhya says my child isn’t a pret and requests that he make him fine. She says I came to get my better half here, who are brought here by Pisasch. He approaches her to pay a cost for her child and requests that he get a gold coin from the spot, requests that her go inside the entryway. Sandhya opens the entryway and gets inside, tumbles down and blacks out. Rekha calls Aastha and requests that her go close to any mirror. Aastha sees Rekha in the mirror and requests that she proceed to tell everybody, not to consume

their body and they will return. Aastha says I let them know, however no one tuned in to me. Rekha requests that her take the mirror there and says I will let them know. Aastha keeps running down calling them and the mirror tumbles down. Rekha tumbles down. Karthik requests that her get up. Everybody is crying. Kiran asks Aastha to be cautious. Aastha says Rekha aunt was inside it and she asked you not to consume their body as they all will return. Everybody cries sitting close to the dead bodies.

Kawach 6 October 2019

Sandhya gains cognizance and thinks this is by all accounts kaal kothri. She inquires as to whether anybody is here and finds the light originating from in the middle of the little mountains/stones. She finds the gold coin there and picks it, thinks to offer it to the pret rakshak and free Prem. She is going to go when the Naagin comes there and calls her chor, says this is Divya’s Sikka and says whoever comes inside, turns into my nourishment. Sandhya runs and finds the coin missing.

The Naagin attempts to draw close to her and hits at the stones. Sandhya finds the coin fallen close to the stones. The prets rakshak requests that her murder the naagin and gives her trishul. Sandhya says how might I slaughter this naagin, it is the coin rakshak. The pret rakshak requests that she overlook her child and evaporates. Sandhya appeals to Shiv ji to spare her and give her a coin to spare Prem. She says Om Nama Shivaya. The Shiv ji’s sanctuary has appeared.

The snake breaks the mountain and draws close to her, however, it evaporates. Sandhya opens her eyes and ends up close Prem. The pret rakshak shows up in front of her. He reveals to her that she has breezed through her test and tells that she has picked the naagin’s life instead of her child’s life. He makes Prem fine. Sandhya asks Prem fine. She gets some information about her significant other. He causes four ways to show up in front of her and says your better half is behind one of the entryways and requests that her pick the correct entryway and stroll in.

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