Kawach 6 July 2019 Written Update – Angad Holding The knife

Written Update: Kawach 6 July 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Kapil telling that they will live their lives in their bodies. He says we, there meandering spirits will return in this humanly world and will murder the blameworthy people and will be as one once more. Heb says our lives are coming. He says one is gone, presently 6 are left. His better half asks who is the following prey. Kapil says you will know very soon. He gets back home as Angad. Sandhya asks where was he? Angad tells that he was driving and don’t have the foggiest idea where he went.

He says I ought to have gone to his office today. Phupha ji asks him not to stretch herself. Sandhya’s sibling thinks for what reason is he lying. Sandhya contacts him. He feels torment. Sandhya asks what was the deal? Kapil says since you turned into my better half, you ended up overprotective. He says he is going to room. Sandhya comes to room and checks for him. He isn’t in the room. She hears the mouth organ tune and thinks who is playing this. She goes to the nursery zone and strolls towards Kapil who is playing the mouth organ.

Kawach 6 July 2019

She reviews Kapil telling that it is his preferred tune and gets stunned. He understands Sandhya coming towards him and stops for some time and afterward plays the tune once more. She comes infront. Kapil moves toward becoming Angad. Sandhya sees Angad and is shocked. She asks how could you know this tune. Angad says it is from the film sholay. She asks when did you master playing mouth organ. He says it is my interest, pulls her close him and causes him to sit on his lap.

He says we went poorly date previously so you don’t think about it. He says he will play it once more. Sandhya asks him not to play it again and says that tune was played by, Angad says I thought to astonish you and asks what is the issue in this tune. Sandhya says it was played by Kapil. Angad grins and his red eyes come. He says there are numerous mysteries which will reveal and attempts to sentiment with her. Sandhya approaches him to want lunch and says it is 3 pm. Angad gets strained and requests that he go and not to exasperate him. He keeps running back to room and shuts the entryway. He feels torment in his body and sees bugs staring him in the face.

CID official gives subtleties of Ashutosh’s passing to the columnist. He tells the date 23rd june. CID official requests that he go and checks the time which is 3 pm. Kapil is in Angad’s body and is shaken up. Sandhya is serving sustenance to everybody. Malini tells that she will call him. Sandhya says he asked me not to aggravate him. Malini sits once more. Sandhya tells that he is disturbed and was playing mouth organ. Malini says he don’t have the foggiest idea how to play it. Malini requests that her have sustenance. Sandhya says she will have sustenance with Angad. Bua insults her and tells that the affection will blur away. She says he began disregarding her and insults Shobha taking Rishi’s name. Malini asks shobha to wind up solid and to overlook the insults.

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