Kawach 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update – Sandhya & Prem To Bring Back

Written Update: Kawach 5 October 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The episode begins, Sandhya asks where are we? Rekha says this is great beyond death, Divya Duniya, each spirit comes here before gathering the Paramatma and says Angad’s spirit must be here, Prem carried us to the ideal spot. Sandhya asks Prem how could he do this?

Prem says I appealed to God for Papa. Sandhya asks Rekha for what reason her garments have turned out to be white. Rekha says we are dead now and this is our spirit and our body is on the earth. Karthik inquires as to whether we can come back to our bodies.

Rekha says we can if our family didn’t incinerate our body. Balraj discloses to Ankit that they got Police’s NOC and passing endorsement. Ankit calls Pandit ji and says they need to incinerate five bodies. Sandhya asks Rekha to attempt to contact their family. Rekha says she will and requests that her go with Prem, says he can support you.

Kawach 5 October 2019

Does Sandhya ask where we need to go? Prem says that way. Rekha stays there and attempts to converse with a relative. Ruhi asks Aastha not to cry. Kiran attempts to make Aastha eat something, yet she won’t eat anything until they return. Kiran says they can’t return, they are dead and we will incinerate them.

Ruhi says we will consume their bodies. Aastha asks them not to consume their bodies and says they will return soon. Kiran requests that she have the nourishment and says they need to do the last rituals. Aastha thinks why no one trusts her and requests that God help her. Rekha attempts to converse with them and gets associated with Aastha.

Aastha hears her and says Rekha aunt. Sandhya and Prem come inside the entryway and searches Angad. They see magma erupting from the mountain. They discover Angad remaining there. Prem and Sandhya get glad. Prem rushes to embrace him.

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