Kawach 30 June 2019 Written Update – Kiran Blames Sandhya

Written Update: Kawach 30 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Everybody is situated for breakfast. Phupha ji inquires as to whether he is doing somebody’s disaster protection in a fantasy. Angad alarms him and inquires as to whether he saw the phantom. He sits on the seat. Ruhi inquires as to why he sat on another seat and not his seat. He says for a change. Angad requests the noodles. Ruhi says you are a wellness crack and don’t eat it. Malini says it is cooked by his significant other.

Sandhya says she made sheera and think to keep it as bhog to God. Worker says God has turned dark. Malini says she implies the sanctuary should be cleaned. Shobha’s better half Rishi goes to the house and contends with Shobha. Everybody leaves the house. Rishi insults Malini for breaking her little girl’s marriage and commending the child’s marriage. Ashutosh uncle blows up and slaps Rishi. Angad comes and slaps Rishi and requests that he go.

Kawach 30 June 2019 Written Update

He tells how might anybody slaughter you when I am here and afterward changes the words. Sandhya and Malini attempt to reassure Shobha. Shobha discloses to her that everybody isn’t fortunate like Angad and her and tells that Rishi and she had an affection marriage, however, things turned out to be more regrettable gradually between at that point. Ankit gives water. Shobha drinks it.

Malini requests that she come and says Sandhya’s noodles will get cold. Sandhya gets Usha’s call and says all is well. Hireling checks the noodles and discovers creepy crawlies on the noodles bowl. She reveals to Malini that there is an underhanded soul in the house. Malini sees Sandhya coming and requests that her perfect it quick. The worker cannot. Malini requests that her perfect quick. Hireling tosses the noodles in the dustbin. Sandhya goes to the eating table and gets some information about noodles.

Kawach 30 June 2019 Written Update

Malini says everybody ate the noodles, it was tasty to the point that nothing remains. Sandhya thinks what Servant Nimmo has tossed. Karthik and Ankit come. Malini says your siblings will take you for pagphera. Angad says I will drop her. Ruhi says something transpired. Angad says yes. Malini trusts they remain cheerful and thinks whether there is some terrible soul is in the house.

Angad (Kapil) and Sandhya are in the vehicle. He says we will go quick and will come quick. He at that point says we will go to pagphera rasam and will go elsewhere. He says they need to pursue the rasams. He says yesterday we got hitched, I have just ideal on you. She says we were as one the previous evening. Angad says he won’t let her go for a minute. He requests that she tell else he will drive quick. She asks you are Angad just and says Angad, I know isn’t care for you.

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