Kawach 29 June 2019 Written Update – Sandhya On The Wedding Night

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The Episode begins with Kapil remaining in Angad’s body. Sandhya goes to the room and thinks where is Angad. Kapil as Angad goes to her and holds her impractically. He says you made me hold up much, presently my hold up is finished. He says I won’t leave you so effectively and you don’t have the foggiest idea what I have thought for this excellent night. He holds her stomach, it ends up red. Sandhya moves away timidly. He takes her close to the divider astonishing her and grins. He again keeps his hand on her stomach.

All adolescents thump on the entryway and ask Sandhya to open the entryway. Sandhya says you have frightened me. Ankit says I got a few melodies of Lata Mangeshkar. Kapil as Angad comes and says not today around evening time, toward the beginning of the day. Does Sandhya inquire as to for what reason would you say you are so furious? Kapil says I am not furious and need to be with you for the main night. The witch draws close the window.

Kawach 29 June 2019 Written Update

Kapil signs her and comes in his symbol. He shuts the window and switches off the lights. He removes her gems. Here and there Angad and now and again Kapil has appeared. Sandhya takes a gander at him and he is Angad. He takes her to bed and keeps a hand on her stomach. He attempts to murmur something in her ears when somebody thumps on the entryway. Angad furiously opens the entryway. Ruhi says she came to give milk. Angad says it is sufficient of fun. He blows up and afterward tells Sandhya is drained, so let her rest.

They all begin going. Kapil opens the entryway and takes a gander at Ruhi. Ruhi begins feeling in her stomach. Kapil smiles with his red eyes. Sandhya says my cousin won’t leave you, you would have a booked room in the inn. He says no one will come. He says I don’t need on the off chance that anybody comes in the middle of us and says I simply need you. He contacts her face and she fell oblivious. Kapil says I sat tight for this minute for numerous years. Witch is remaining close to the bed. He says we will join together and keeps a hand on her stomach.

Kawach 29 June 2019 Written Update

He tells something in her ears. The witch is as yet remaining to close them. In the first part of the day, Servant goes to the sanctuary and finds the in-house sanctuary God symbols with dark tears in their eyes and every one of the things failed. Angad’s mom tells that it may have occurred because of the tempest and asks her not to make an issue of easily overlooked details and make the sanctuary as in the past. The Servant thinks this is some Kaal’s tears, something incorrectly has occurred here.

Kiran hears her and says Sandhya accompanied the phantom and made Gods cry on the primary day itself. In the first part of the day, Sandhya comes to Angad and makes him wake up sprinkling water from her hairs. She helps to remember his words and requests that he get up. He turns and looks in the mirror and Kapil is appeared. He gets stunned and goes to her. He says you have changed your significant other medium-term. Sandhya is shocked. He tells that they are single for quite a while and afterward they will get their child. Sandhya says we are hitched one day back as it were. She says Angad.

He at that point mellows up and says he needs a cricket group. He says sorry. Kapil is appeared. Nisha comes there and takes a gander at them closer. She says I came at the perfect time and says sorry. Sandhya says I am upset for supposing you wrong. Nisha says your life will be demolished and figures why she doesn’t see the symptoms of the previous evening which she did. Sandhya requests that they talk and goes. Nisha takes a gander at Angad. Angad goes to her abruptly and says you are looking befuddled. Nisha says I am to state sorry. He keeps a hand on her lips and expresses gratitude toward her. Nisha asks what did I do?

He reviews Nisha taking out the Trishul out from the beginning. He says whatever is going on is a direct result of you and says you are a significant character of my story. Kiran discloses to Phupha ji that symbols are crying in the sanctuary and Malini is concealing something from them. Does he say in what capacity would this be able to occur? She says she isn’t visually impaired like them. He requests that her assistance Malini and Sandhya in the kitchen. Malini discloses to Sandhya that she will make everything today for her first rasoi.

Sandhya advises that she doesn’t have a clue how to cook. Malini requests that she make what she needs. Sandhya says she knows nothing as she used to go to the workplace. Malini says she had additionally gotten the hang of cooking after marriage. Sandhya says she knows 2 mins noodles. Malini requests that she make it. Kiran goes from that point subsequent to provoking Sandhya. Shobha turns out and asks Malini for what reason she lied before Sandhya that she knows nothing.

Malini says Sandhya needs time to change in the house. Uncle is in the lobby. Angad comes there. The case tumbles down. Does Angad ask what was the deal? Uncle asks I thought I have seen another person. Angad says I was here. Ankit and Karthik come there and state we have come here to take Sandhya home for the rasam. Angad ventures on the mirror and breaks it. Uncle supposes he has seen him after numerous years.

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