Kawach 28 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Terrible News, Rekha Gets Injured

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The Episode begins with Rekha making Om sketch and says that pisach is sharp and realized that I can uncover him, and that is the reason focused on me. She says I won’t bite the dust unexpectedly early and won’t let anything happen to anybody and asks Shivji to ensure Sandhya and her family. She requests that he do some marvel and spare them.

She asks Shivji to determine what occurred and what will occur. Simply then Bhao crow comes there and assaults Rekha. Rekha blacks out and tumbles down. She sees everybody weeping for Angad’s demise. Sandhya crying and requesting that he return. Rekha opens her eyes and figures this can’t occur. She says I can’t allow this to occur and swoons once more.

Sandhya comes to room and thinks thank god Angad got cognizance. He may be in the washroom and checks for him. Balraj comes and says we have moved him to visitor room. Sandhya inquires as to why? Param says you are doing the puja game plans and says for what reason to inconvenience you. Sandhya says he is my quality and not a shortcoming. Param says similarly as he gets up, I will send him to you. Sandhya prepares for the Teej quick and thinks today she is distant from everyone else, without him.

Kawach 28 September 2019 Episode

She says at whatever point we are as one, we win, today I feel that I won’t win. Aastha returns home with Ankit and Shobha. She gets some information about Angad. Kiran inquires as to for what reason did you bring her? Ankit says Aaji and baba went to town so they brought her here. Vinayak comes there. Usha says today I won’t stop you. Prem comes and asks who is he? Vinayak says I am your Nana. Usha stops Prem and says he is nothing to you. She says I won’t call you after today and you will never think back and have lost all relations.

Aastha asks Prem, where is Dada and Dadi and says she needs to meet them. Malini appeals to God for Angad to dispose of pisach. Balraj says Shivji will ensure him. She says she couldn’t keep Teej quick for him. He says you are as of now securing all the family. Angad feels sensation in his body. Sandhya comes first floor and embraces Aastha. Aastha asks where is Papa? Sandhya says he is resting and requests that her meet him later. She says I will bring chocolates for you.

Crows are flying in the sky. Sandhya says why it is dull like a night at day time. She opens the window and sees crows covering the daylight. Angad progresses toward becoming Pisach and breaks the ropes. He breaks the entryway and turns out. Sandhya sees crows’ appearance on Angad’s pic, gets stressed and thinks to see him. Usha reveals to Kiran that they need to make Shivlings and starts making it. Balraj thinks to keep an eye on Angad and thinks if Pisasch returned. Angad assaults him and makes him tumble down.

Angad hauls him from that point. Sandhya goes to the storeroom and finds the entryway broken. She finds the rope attached to the seat and thinks Pisasch was in mummy ji, however we secured her room. She thinks if Pisasch was in another person. Malini is in the room, when Angad brings Balraj hauling him. Balraj is harmed on his head and dying. Malini requests that he get up. Angad says you both tied me and says I will eat your significant other. Malini says leave my significant other, eat me. Balraj says no, eat me.

Kawach 28 September 2019 Episode

Angad says don’t battle, I will eat you both. Sandhya sees the blood stains and goes to the room. She sees Pisasch squeezing their necks and hits him. Angad goes to her. Sandhya is stunned to consider him to be Pisasch. Malini says Angad is having pisasch in him. Rekha gains cognizance and calls Karthik. She reveals to him that she saw Angad’s demise and requests that he educate Sandhya with the goal that she spares Angad. Karthik says alright. Sandhya calls him Angad and requests that he battle with pisasch.

She says a decent soul can’t be overwhelmed by fiendishness. Pisasch Angad requests that her offer Prem to Bhao and spare her family. Sandhya says I won’t give my Prem. He holds her open to question and inquires as to for what reason are you slaughtering your family, offer Prem to me. Sandhya calls him and asks Angad to see her, says I am your Sandhya. She gets some information about their adoration and children.

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