Kawach 25 August 2019 Episode Written Update – Aastha & Prem Got Kidnapped

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The Episode begins with Sandhya disclosing to Angad that Prem didn’t do any error. Angad says he wishes that their connection doesn’t end due to the kid. Sandhya reviews Tantrik’s idioms and cries. Shobha and Ankit come to the corridor. Ankit says Shobha is setting off to her maika. Usha says yet. Vinayak says it is a custom that first conveyance occurs there. Usha says they didn’t ask her conclusion. Shobha requests that they let her go.

Ankit says I will be there until her conveyance. They leave. Karthik looks on. Aastha implores God and requests that her make their battle end. Sakshi comes and says she can end her mummy and father’s battle. Aastha asks truly and requests that her make them closest companions like us. Sakshi says you need to accomplish something for this and murmurs something in her ears. Does Aastha inquire as to whether they will progress toward becoming companions in the event that I do this? Sakshi says yes and requests that she come at 7:30, says she will hang tight for her.

Scene 2:

Angad opens the entryway and comes inside, asks with whom she is conversing with? Aastha says no one is here. Angad says he will do work and return, requests that she play alone till at that point. Aastha embraces him and says don’t stress there is no reason to worry. Madhuri Dadi is doing aarti. Everybody prepares to go to Aastha’s birthday. Usha gets some information about the blessings. Karthik and Akhil bring the endowments. Vinayak asks Usha to give the blessing which he brought for her.

Simply then Madhuri Dadi sees the reptile in Gangajal pot and says unpropitious thing occurred, this implies somebody will bite the dust today. Usha says they can’t go today and asks Karthik to go. Karthik asks Akhil to go and says he will be at home. Rekha makes sketch sitting at the street side tea slow down and makes the sketch. She figures somebody will kick the bucket at 7:30. Malini inquires as to whether Sandhya will come to the first floor or not. Angad says she will come. Aastha asks tattoo fashioner to make the plan quick as she needs to go someplace.

He says alright. Sandhya comes to Prem and requests that he eat cake and so forth until she returns and asks him not to get apprehensive as she is locking the entryway. She thinks she is vulnerable. She comes on the first floor and welcomes the visitor. She requests that the visitors remain until they cut the cake. Angad takes a gander at Sandhya upset. Aastha checks the time in the watch and discloses to Balraj that something great will occur at 7:30. Akhil welcomes Malini and gets some information about her damage. Malini says she is fine.

Scene 3:

Ankit asks Sandhya what was the deal? Sandhya says it is great that he came. Aastha is going from that point, Ruhi stops her. Aastha signs her and goes. Happy tells that she will murder him. Arjun brings sustenance for him. Kiran comes and asks Arjun to give him infusion else he will ruin the gathering. She goes. Arjun attempts to give him infusion, however, Jolly offers infusion to Arjun and he gets oblivious.

Aastha goes to a room and says I have come to Maa? Sakshi shows up there and says on the off chance that you remain here, at that point your mummy and father will get together and search you. She says on the off chance that you are getting frightened, at that point your mummy and daddy will isolate. Aastha requests that she proceed to bolt the entryway. Sakshi goes out, locks the entryway and consumes the entryway. The entryway begins consuming. Aastha gets strained.

Kawach 25 August 2019 Episode

Rekha goes to Jindal’s home and takes a kid to shroud her face and head inside. She thinks the woman in the sketch isn’t here. Simply then she sees Sandhya conversing with Kaku and getting some information about Madhuri. She checks her face seeing the sketch and is coming towards her, yet a few children come to her direction. Sandhya goes from that point. Rekha figures where did she go and imagines such young lady’s reality is in peril. She thinks to discover. A few young men go to Prem’s room and see him.

They request that he played with them. Prem pushes the kid. The other kid goes to the Prem. Prem thunders in front of them. They all run out and whine to their moms. Prem turns out. The woman reprimands Prem seeing him thundering and carries him to gripe to his mum. Prem chomps her and flees. Malini says he is unwell. The woman says they won’t hold up in the gathering and leave. Malini calls Aastha and they search her. Aastha feels frightened and requests to open the entryway. She blacks out and tumbles down.

Kawach 25 August 2019 Episode

Rekha hears the chain sound and goes to Jolly’s room. Buoyant assaults her and hold her neck, saying she has come and will murder. Sandhya comes there and requests that Jolly leave her. She asks Arjun to get up and he gives him infusion. Sandhya reveals to Rekha that she will call the specialist. Rekha says no and requests that she proceed to spare her girl. Sandhya asks what?

Rekha demonstrates the sketch and asks where is this spot? Sandhya says this is a storeroom. Rekha requests that she proceed to spare her, else she will bite the dust. Sandhya keeps running there and finds the flame outside the entryway. She tosses the water on the flame and goes inside the entryway. She sees her oblivious and takes her out. Angad, Malini Ankit, and Akhil come there. Angad checks her beat heartbeat. Akhil requests that he give her CPR. Angad gives her CPR and she increases cognizant.

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