Kawach 22 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Sandhya Makes an Urgent call To Karthik

Written Update: Kawach 22 September 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with power going off in the house. Everybody wonders what happened to light. Prem gets terrified. Ruhi asks him not to stress. Sandhya calls Karthik and requests that he get everybody lobby. She calls Prem and says she is coming there. Ruhi says they are in the room. Angad assaults Balraj with a quick-paced speed. Does Malini ask what was the deal?

Angad as the evil presence comes to the kitchen and assaults Kiran and Usha. He at that point assaults Vishal. Vishal says what was it? Karthik says it isn’t seen, how might you accept. Vishal sees a reflection and says he saw something there. He is additionally scratched on his hand. Angad then scratched Ruhi, however, no one could see him.

Rekha discovers something all over and gets stunned. She yells seeing something. Everybody assembles in the corridor. Sandhya says all of you are injured and asks where is Angad. Prem considers Angad’s to be as the devil and tells Sandhya. He keeps running at a quick pace and damages everybody with his evil spirit hooks. Power comes there. Rekha comes to the ground floor.

Kawach 22 September 2019

Karthik shoots Rekha. Rekha sees Angad’s yellow eyes and tumbles down. Angad says gracious god, the phantom was in her. He stops Sandhya to support her. Sandhya says this young lady came here to help us going out and everything and says I will support her. She hurries to Rekha and asks her not to close her eyes. Karthik lifts her and takes her. Angad is strolling behind them. Sandhya asks Angad to come.

He couldn’t go out due to the Suraksha chakra and asks Sandhya to go, says he will be at home. Sandhya says alright and advises that nothing will happen to Rekha. Angad shuts the entryway. Malini says it’s great that awful soul went with Rekha. Angad grins. Prem gets terrified. Sandhya and Karthik bring Rekha to OT. Akhil comes there.

Rekha discloses to them that there is no phantom inside her. Sandhya cries as she is taken to OT and says you shouldn’t have shot her. Karthik additionally laments to shoot her. Sandhya tells that Rekha had said that awful soul isn’t in her and tells that they have crossed the Suraksha chakra and that implies awful soul isn’t in her. She says Prem and others are in threat. Vishal asks Ruhi to accompany him, yet she says this is her family and she won’t leave her family. She requests that he go.

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