Kawach 22 June 2019 Written Update – The Evil Souls Come Out

Written Update: Kawach 22 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

He keeps his hand on his chest and says this heart is thumping a direct result of you, on the off chance that you go, at that point, it will stop. He kisses her hand. Sandhya grins. Mahi melody plays. He inquires as to whether the same thing would have occurred with him at that point in the event that she had left him. She says no. he says you are my Bp and I am your heart beat.

Kawach 22 June 2019

He says you are Simran, I am Raj. On the off chance that you are bhootni, at that point I am your bhoot. Sandhya giggles. Angad says express gratitude toward God, you snickered and inquires as to whether she will leave him. Sandhya says we came to tell that marriage will occur in our home. Angad says in the event that you need, at that point marriage will occur in the sky. He embraces her.

Nisha thinks when sky impacts then it will be destroyed. She gazes them. Bua goes to her and tells that the young lady Sandhya isn’t appropriate for her nephew and will get a young lady like her. She inquires as to whether you will simply observe Angad going to Sandhya and requests that her show directly on him as he is her first love else this working-class young lady will take him.

Kawach 22 June 2019

Nisha gets irate seeing their sentiment. Bua supposes I left this chingari, presently she will stop the flame in my nephew’s life. Pandit ji and his shishya are staying there. He advises his shishya that they must be here until the marriage occurs. He asks his shishya to keep an eye there and asks him not to do any error. He says I am going for the Sadhna. Shishya says I won’t let any misstep occur.

Pandit ji goes. It has appeared insidious spirits are attempting to turn out. The visitors land for pre-marriage capacities. Angad wants his haldi function. Sandhya additionally desires haldi. Angad takes a gander at her. Nisha gets envious. Angad advances his hand. Sandhya cheerfully holds his hand.

The older folks sit to do their rasam. Usha, Madhuri, and Chachi apply haldi to Sandhya. Others tail them and apply haldi to them. Nisha thinks this haldi is mine, yet today another person is appearing on it. She says whatever is mine, will be mine. Sandhya calls Nisha. Karthik requests that she come. Nisha comes there and applies haldi to Sandhya and Angad. She supposes this haldi and piya are both mines.

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