Kawach 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update – Sandhya & Rekha come to Home

Written Update: Kawach 21 September 2019 Episode Written Update on starsofworld.com

Karthik minds the google about Bhao, pret, shaitaan and bhoot. Rekha requests that he attempt diverse blend. He says I attempted various mixes, yet there is no data about him. Sandhya comes and gives them Prasad. Rekha eats it. Sandhya says might be this bhao isn’t known by anybody and tells that he had sent two apparitions till now, Shakini and Dubi and tells that he controls numerous phantoms, so he never came in front of us. She says we need to get some answers concerning a family which is assaulted by Bhao.

Rekha says we need to accomplish something very soon. Sandhya says this harmony is before the tempest comes. She says she can feel and detect that something will occur. Prem’s guide Vishal returns home and plays with Ruhi. He crosses the Suraksha chakra and goes about as phantom. He holds Ruhi’s hand and says I have returned, presently the ball is in your court. He attempts to choke out her. Everybody comes there. Vishal acts coolly and asks what occurred, says he was kidding? Ruhi inquires as to whether he is distraught to joke.

Kawach 21 September 2019

Vishal says I thought to make all of you grin. Sandhya says Prem isn’t in a disposition to ponder today. Vishal says alright. Ruhi approaches him to remain there for today and after that she will joke with him. Vishal inquires as to whether Ruhi welcomed him to remain there. Karthik requests that he remain at his own hazard and don’t tell that he had wanted Prem. Vishal says he has desired his Prem.

Prem goes to Angad’s room and asks would i be able to have halwa. Angad signs him to eat. Prem eats the halwa and takes the ball. He sees scratch blemishes on the entryway and shows to Angad. Angad contacts it and feels electric stuns and his finger gets consuming sensation. Ruhi comes and tells that Vishal has come. Angad requests that her take Prem and send Sandhya and Rekha here.

Sandhya and Rekha come there. Angad demonstrates the imprints to them. Sandhya says it may be of Shakini or Dubi. Angad to discover. Rekha keeps and on the imprints and says whoever has made these imprints come in front of me. She ends up in a dim room of Angad and Sandhya and the aggressor assaults her. Rekha falls oblivious.

Sandhya requests that she come in her faculties and asks what’s going on to Rekha. Rekha gains awareness and says he was here as it were. Sandhya gets some information about the imprints on her body. The imprints vanishes. Rekha tells that Shakini and Dubi got mukti, so this pret is ground-breaking than them. She says the pet must be inside some relative’s body. Sandhya says how we will discover?

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