Kawach 2 June 2019 Written Update – Sandya Going Inside the Room

Written Update: Kawach 2 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

He holds her hand again while her eyes are shut. She turns towards him and sees Kapil kissing her brow. She gets stunned. It is her fantasy. She awakens incredibly and supposes what does this fantasy mean? She supposes in the event that it is God’s sign. Usha comes there and asks Sandhya for what valid reason she is perspiring? Sandhya says because of sweltering climate.

Kawach 2 June 2019

Chachi comes and requests that she get up as they need to do the rasams. Sandhya supposes she will call Ranjana as she considered yesterday and checks her telephone, yet there is no number in the call list. She approaches her old number, however, the number is inaccessible.

Nisha discloses to Ranjana’s dad that the dead body was found on that day when Ranjana disappeared. He inquires as to whether ID card or any evidence is found. Nisha says her face is gravely deformed and advises that they need to leave for Mumbai in 1 hour for distinguishing proof. He cries. Nisha goes. Simply then he hears Ranjana’s voice calling him and requesting that he discovered her.

Kawach 2 June 2019

He gets stunned and endeavors to draw close to her. He sees witch behind Ranjana. When he attempts to go close to her, the entryway gets shut. Angad’s dad asks Vinayak who had come to meet him yesterday. Vinayak gets strained. Simply then Ranjana’s dad comes there and advises that he needs to converse with Sandhya. Sandhya is preparing in her room.

Angad comes calling her and offers to help her in wearing saree. Sandhya requests that he turn. He says he will support her. She requests that he close his eyes. He shuts his eyes and encourages her to set pallu. She sits and signs him to close his eyes. He shuts his eyes and makes her wear bangles. Sandhya takes a gander at him.

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