Kawach 16 June 2019 Written Update – Kapil is holding Angad in Air

Written Update: Kawach 16 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

I achieved the sanctuary, did puja there and discuss the mantras there and saw Kapil’s face out of the blue. Pandit ji asks did you read mantras effectively and inquires as to whether the jaap was correct. Sandhya discussed the mantras and tumbled down once and after that getting up and recounting the mantras. Pandit ji says you left a few words and that is the reason your puja is deficient. Sandhya says however I saw Kapil.

Kawach 16 June 2019

Pandit ji inquires as to whether she saw him behind the shelving. Sandhya says no outside the entryway. Pandit ji says he couldn’t enter inside as he is pret and exploited your deficient puja. He says that pret accompanied an exceptional reason, needs to join with you and needs to murmur something in your ears. He says he will attempt to tell something in his ears, yet don’t give him a chance to state anything.

He says I saw everything occurring with whatever occurred with you in the havan kund. Angad asks where she had seen him. Sandhya says she hosted seen him in the commitment gathering when ring fall. Suman says this Kapil was there. Usha says she additionally didn’t see him. Sandhya says at whatever point I meet him, he was separated from everyone else. Pandit ji says he is a part and has no reflection.

Kawach 16 June 2019

He requests that they go else pret won’t leave anybody. Vinayak says every one of the ways is shut because of downpour and requests that how to go. Pandit ji says I don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that the night comes, at that point he won’t let all of you go. Usha says today is Sandhya and Angad’s marriage. Pandit ji says the phantom won’t let this occur.

Everybody turns out to leave. Pandit ji says it is night, the press won’t let you go. Angad’s auntie Kiran requests that her sibling end the union. He says Sandhya is our bahu now. Karthik inquires as to whether she is fine. Nisha says yes. Pandit ji says that pret will tail him and will be after you and will demonstrate to you what won’t be there in all actuality. He asks them not to stop in transit in any conditions.

He reveals to Angad that no one but you can break that string and that implies you are her Kawach and is her genuine affection. Sandhya thinks back his adoration and her terrible conduct. He says she won’t leave Sandhya in his life.

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