Kawach 15 June 2019 Written Update – Sandhya Seeing Angad & Nisha

Written Update: Kawach 15 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

Angad thumps on the entryway. Karthik opens the entryway. Angad asks where is Sandhya? Karthik says they don’t have the foggiest idea. Kapil embraces Sandhya and his hostile stares appear. He takes a gander at the witch remaining far. Angad gets some information about Sandhya. They get stressed for Sandhya. Madhuri says a terrible soul is in the house. Angad says on the off chance that she went to sanctuary alone. Usha requests what? Angad says we had planned to wed. He says I will go.

Kawach 15 June 2019

Usha attempts to stop him. Angad says Sandhya needs me and leaves the house. Karthik, Ankit, and others pursue. Kapil reveals to Sandhya that they will look through a spot to remain. He takes a gander at her and says she looks increasingly lovely in the downpour. He takes a gander at the cabin and says we will remain here today around evening time. Sandhya says we will return home. He says it is down-pouring and we will remain here this evening. Sandhya is as yet standing. He takes a gander at the glass piece on the ground and grins with red eyes.

Sandhya begins strolling and the glass piece gets penetrated in her skin. He takes it off and grins. She says my anklet. Angad discovers her anklet in the crematorium ground outside the sanctuary and requests that everybody searches her various way. Kapil lifts Sandhya and takes her to the cabin. Maha pandit ji is brought in the house. Vinayak says he doesn’t accept on visually impaired confidence.

Kawach 15 June 2019

Pandit ji says insidiousness soul is here and shuts his eyes. He sees malice soul and opens his eyes. He demands to see Sandhya’s room. He tells that no one will go out today. Kapil swathes Sandhya’s feet. Sandhya says she is feeling terrified and they will return home. He says on the off chance that we go now, at that point we can’t achieve home. He rubs her feet.

Maha Pandit ji goes to Sandhya’s room and finds the mangalsutra. He says abhorrence forces are originating from it. Vinayak says this is simply mangalsutra. Maha pandit ji says this is part Aatma. Vinayak approaches in the event that he is doing this for cash and offers him cash. Madhuri requests that he let Pandit ji do what he needs.

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