Kawach 1 June 2019 Written Update – Sandhya to go & Sleep

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The Episode begins with Sandhya taking a gander at the mangalsutra cautiously. Pandit ji tells that he has checked the kundalis and the marriage will occur in a multi week, else this marriage can’t occur till 2 years. Angad’s dad says I can complete the marriage in one day.

Kawach 1 June 2019

Dada ji gets up and says their relatives marriage occur in their antiquated Shiv sanctuary and says on the off chance that this marriage doesn’t occur there, at that point we will break the connection with Vinayak and his better half. Angad’s dad discloses to Dada ji that he was youthful when his dad passed on and tells that marriage will happen any place you need and asks him not to stress.


Vinayak is stressed over the game plans. Angad’s chacha and others tell that they will leave Devlali today and will do the courses of action. Sandhya figures in what manner can this mangalsutra be comparable to that mangalsutra and leaves message via web-based networking media. They reach Devlali. Vinayak discloses to Chacha that they are doing practically everything. He requests that they have sustenance and asks Ankit to cause everybody to have nourishment.

Kawach 1 June 2019

Dada ji asks until where Madhuri and children reach. Vinayak says they are en route. Usha asks Karthik to stop the vehicle at the chetrapal sanctuary in transit. Sandhya thinks might be she is seeing weird things as she didn’t twist her head in the sanctuary. The witch is seen sitting on the vehicle rooftop. They get down from the vehicle and purchase coconut from the woman and keep infront of the sanctuary. Sandhya comes last. Usha asks Sandhya to keep the coconut quick and curve her head.

Sandhya goes to God to deal with her and is going to exhibit the coconut to God, when witch calls her. Sandhya gazes upward and drops the coconut in stun. She races to vehicle and educates that she saw something on the tree. Usha says there is nothing on the tree and inquires as to whether she introduced the coconut, before Sandhya can say, Usha requests that her come.

Chacha ji tells everybody that they have done plans of ring service and marriage in multi-day. Everybody applauds. He says even my companions helped me. He says the lucky man is eager to wed and there is no mahurat for marriage for a long time, so they need to do this marriage soon, and advises that they need to do Sakarpura rasam and after that ring service. The capacities begin.

Sandhya sees the witch in the corridor and is stunned. Does Archana ask what was the deal? Sandhya says nothing. She sits to get mehendi connected. Chacha ji and different folks come there, however, a woman causes her to go. The women talk about the witch who comes in each marriage in the town. Madhuri requests that they apply mehendi and not to talk. Archana takes Sandhya to room and tells that the shading is dull. She requests that her rest and goes.

The window opens all of a sudden. Sandhya peeps out, yet there is no one. She at that point sees Ranjana and supposes she needs to astound her. She looks for her and goes behind somebody believing her to be Ranjana. She goes to room and supposes I saw Ranjana coming inside this room, at that point where did she go. Abruptly the entryway gets bolted. Sandhya thumps on the entryway. The witch calls Sandhya and says you didn’t call me to your wedding. Sandhya is stunned.

Archana and Suman take her outside. Which makes the table tumble down. Sandhya comes to Angad and they sit. Angad takes a gander at her. She asks him not to gaze at her and says in the event that anybody sees us, at that point what they will think. Angad says that we are getting hitched. She says you are seeing me for 2 years. Vinayak tells that they will begin the rasam.

Angad says this rasam can’t occur until my companion Kapil comes here. He says we are companions since school and don’t eat without one another. Kapil is seen coming. Chacha ji says let’s do sakarpura and after that ring service in front of Kapil. Sandhya gets some information about Kapil. Angad inquires as to whether she needs to supplant him. Chacha ji requests that the lady move. Sandhya says she can’t move. Angad says you had said that you are a prepared artist.

She says you have seen my move. She moved on the tune Jhinak. Kapil is en route. Witch sees him. Kapil achieves the house on the bicycle. His companion comes in the vehicle and asks Kapil to change quick. A companion discloses to Angad that Kapil came. Angad discloses to Sandhya that he will make her meet Kapil. Power goes.

Kapil enters there and welcomes Sandhya presenting himself as Kapil. She shakes hand with him and says she felt this touch previously. She sees him holding the flame and is stunned to see that he is the man whom she had found in the sanctuary and who had spared him.

Chacha ji approaches Angad and Sandhya to represent the ring function. Sandhya considers seeing would be spouse. She is confounded. Suman requests that she forward her hand. Angad makes her wear a ring. Suman offers the ring to Sandhya. Sandhya takes a gander at Kapil and drops the ring on the floor. The ring goes towards Kapil. Angad requests that he give the ring.

Suman says your companion is moderate. She takes the ring and provides for Sandhya. Sandhya makes him wear a ring. Angad tells that his grasp is tight and he won’t let her go from his hold. Everybody applauds. Archana misses Ranjana. Sandhya says even she is feeling the loss of her.

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