Kasautii Zindagii Written Update

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Kasautii Zindagii Kay 27 August 2019

Shivani gets Anurag to the clinic and requests that medical caretaker call specialist, start treatment soon. Medical caretaker requests that she do conventions first, its a mishap case. The specialist comes and requests that medical attendant mastermind blood. Shivani implores him to spare Anurag.

He requests that she let him look at, he will make him fine. He proceeds to treat Anurag. Shivani cries. Cab driver requests cash. Prerna says I have no cash, keep these bangles. The driver says no requirement for this, I wish the individual you are concerned for, gets fine. Prerna keeps running inside and requests Anurag. The medical attendant says he isn’t here. Prerna says check once more, its a mishap case. She checks the register.

Kasautii Zindagii Written Update

The medical caretaker says I let you know, there isn’t such case. Prerna goes. Shivani goes to the work area to fill the structure and does conventions. Maasi says Prerna overlooked all relations and left for Anurag when Rishabh knows this, he will be irate. Tanvi asks will he think from Prerna’s perspective and pardon her.

Maasi says ladies have envy and even men are envious, when its about a spouse who cherishes another person, its a conscience issue, Rishabh has a major inner self, he won’t leave Prerna, when he knows Prerna was not in her detects, notwithstanding when her saree got captured, what will he do, Rishabh will separate from her.

Tanvi asks who will let him know. Maasi says I will let him know and after that demonstration that heartbroken, I didn’t wish to let you know. Prerna considers Anurag and cries. She hears Anurag and keeps running back. She sees Anurag. The medical attendant says Anurag Basu, a wedded woman came and was frantically getting some information about her, possibly she is his better half.

Shivani asks was her name Prerna. The attendant says sorry, I don’t have the foggiest idea. The medical attendant says its an ICU, remain out. Specialist asks are you identified with him, sign on the structure quick. Prerna sings. He says you are his significant other, you marked on the spouse’s place.

Mrs. Basu, Anurag is basic, we will work him, his condition is terrible, on the off chance that anything transpires, we have your assent for the medical procedure, we have called a senior specialist for him, keep mental fortitude, we will attempt. She requests that he spare Anurag. Prerna sees Anurag and cries.

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