Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8 May 2019 Written Update – Komolika Makes A Wicked Plan

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8 May 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Sahil’s family conversing with Moloy and Mohini. Anupam says Moloy needs to see the entire party, I will take him. Mohini enables them to go. Anupam takes Moloy. Komolika makes Prerna fall. Vikrant holds Prerna. Anurag looks on. Prerna says so heartbrokenly, I don’t have the foggiest idea how I slipped. Komolika supposes you have made me extremely upset, I realize how to make you extremely upset, you adore Prerna. Prerna thinks how could I fall, no Komolika won’t do this. She gets Vikrant’s call and goes to search for him. Anurag takes a gander at them and reviews their move execution.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8 May 2019

Mohini asks Anurag to get Sahil’s ring from her room. He says sorry, I have a demon work. He follows Prerna and stops her to talk. He says accompany me to the room. She requests that he stop, individuals are watching them. He says you are my better half, accompany me, I have to talk at the present time. They go to the room. He inquires as to for what reason did you slip, for what reason did you draw near to Vikrant. She says you think I guaranteed to answer all of you the time. He says you can’t leave except if you answer me, I saw you when you hit the dance floor with Vikrant.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 8 May 2019

He asks what’s happening among Vikrant and you. Komolika advises something to a man. The man says the work is hazardous. She says I have given you a lot of cash, accompany me. She demonstrates him Vikrant and says I can’t see Prerna here, I will advance her pic, work ought to be perfect and speedy. She sees Moloy and says unwind Sasur ji, I m coming to meet you.

Prerna says he is superior to you, he wasn’t diverted by Komolika like you. Anurag says OK, thus, Vikrant is superior to me. She says truly, much better, he has something one of a kind in him. He holds her nearby and asks did you feel such when he was near you, don’t you feel anything when we are near one another. She says no, I don’t. She says no, I feel something when Vikrant was close. He says you aren’t great at lying, truth is you simply adore me. She says you know everything and after that, you are asking me. He says simply be cautious that none approaches, I m not desirous, I got furious seeing you hitting the dance floor with him.

She says you are desirous. He says you are lying, in all actuality, it influences you when you approach me, this is called love. Komolika asks Moloy how are you believing, you are in such an awful state, I concede I m malicious, however not unreasonably detestable that I inconvenience you, you are now in more terrible state. Prerna says you have misjudging in your psyche. Anurag stops her. He says I know, it makes a difference to you, to remain close me, I can hear your pulse, I can see the radiance in your eyes, when I m before you, how it feels when we embrace, it feels like we will dependably be as one and close. They have a minute.

He says every last bit of it demonstrates that you adore me. He draws near. She leaves. He supposes nobody can love me as much as you do. Komolika says you can hear it, I stumbled Prerna, Prerna fell over Vikrant, Anurag got desirous, I tipped the server and requested that he spike Vikrant and Prerna’s beverages, I will secure them Prerna’s room, I will accomplish something, I have introduced camera in their space to record their sentiment, favor me that I m effective. Moloy gets furious.

She supposes Prerna you mortified me, I m going to make you fall in everybody’s life, Anurag will show you out from here. Vikrant stops Anurag for a discussion. They contend. Vikrant says we have no issue between us, its among Komolika and me. Anurag says whatever occurred between us is proficient, I don’t care for things getting individual. Vikrant says you are stating something else.

Anurag cautions him to avoid Prerna. Vikrant says so you are desirous, there is no issue between us as I said. Anurag says I don’t care for you near Prerna, I feel awkward when you are near her, I can’t make it all the more clear. Mohini says I realize you are annoyed with me, I don’t make void guarantees. Komolika says I comprehend the circumstance. Mohini says I m going to present you as my Bahu, I m going to report the move, please the phase when I call my Bahu, proceed to get dressed for the move. Komolika thanks and embraces her. Prerna looks on and thinks its wrong to endure bad form. The server sees Prerna and says she is the one. He spikes the beverage and searches for Vikrant. Mohini says now my bahu will devote a move for my little princess.

Anurag says mum is stating about Komolika. Anupam says Sahil’s family thinks Prerna is the bahu. Anurag says she needs individuals to realize that Komolika is the genuine bahu of this house. Komolika comes there for the move. Server gets the beverage for Vikrant. He says somebody is calling you. Anurag asks me… .. Prerna desires the move. Mohini looks on. Prerna and Komolika move on dola re dola. Everybody applauds them. Prerna gets compliments. Mohini sees Komolika. Sahil says they moved so well, we ought to gain from them. Vikrant says I didn’t know Prerna moves so well. Komolika thinks Prerna will be mortified at this point.

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