Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 June 2019 Written Update – Mishka Helps Anurag

Written Update: Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 June 2019 Written Update on starsofworld.com

The Episode begins with Mishka calling Ronit and asking where are you, the father isn’t well, he needs to see you. He says I m in transit, I will come soon. Prerna says leave me. Ronit requests that she shut up. Mishka asks where are you. He says I will be there soon, I m in transit. He closures call. He says Prerna you are fortunate, you won’t see my face for quite a while. He goes to Shivani’s home.

Shivani sees him outside the door and gets stunned. He signs to compromise her. He says I won’t leave anybody of them. Investigator endeavors to follow the vehicle. Anupam says that young lady helped us a great deal, Nivedita will support us. Reviewer says we found that van, come quick. Anurag asks would we be able to go along. They leave. Ronit gets Mishka’s message. He sees the police following.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 5 June 2019

Anurag says its the comparative van. He says let me drive from here. Ronit covers his face and says I need to drive in some packed zone. Ronit leaves the van. Anurag and police check the van and don’t see anybody. Nivedita converses with Anupam accessible as needs are and say that vehicle is enrolled on Shyam’s name. Anupam says we got that van, yet there is nobody inside. He asks Anurag do you know any Shyam Roy.

Anurag says no. The goons look at the weapons and go. Prerna gets free and attempts to get away. Mishka gets Ronit’s sound message and hears him saying police. She calls him and asks where are you. He says I will get late. She says I realize police is after you. He says I know, I seized Prerna, she needs beyond words, and Prerna executed Komolika. She gets stunned. Tapur says sorry, I ought to have not told Shivani. Anurag says it’s alright, who is doing this. Shivani comes and says Ronit is out of prison.

Anupam says I don’t figure he will set out. Anurag says I know Ronit. Mishka comes and says I need to converse with Anurag. He yells stop there, leave at this moment, I can’t endure your family. She says I came to help, hear me out. He says Komolika made our lives heck, at that point your father and sibling, for what reason did you come here, I don’t need any association with your family.

She says it’s my mix-up to get conceived in that family, father is sick, I have come here to let you know, I m conflicting with my sibling, I know the torment of losing love, I cherished you a ton, I came here to spare your affection, I figured you can discover Prerna, I dislike them. He asks how would you realize that Prerna is missing. She says Ronit disclosed to me that he will never let and Prerna join together, he will isolate you always, Prerna is with Ronit, I requested that he leave Prerna, he didn’t tune in, I really need to support you.

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